Why you should not worry about SEO

Why you should not worry about SEO


Search engine Optimisation was to me always about the quick fix, a fast buck, this is how to get top of Google, lots of website traffic, conversions then tons of cash in your bank account and a happy wife, family and no more worries.


The sales profession has always been about selling the ‘pain and solution.’

“What’s the pain Mr Customer? Oh dear poor you, and how will you feel if you continue down this path? OOH more pain and worry! Well guess what? We have the solution it is called Search Engine Optimisation, we will do all the boring stuff you hate, adding keywords into your blogs.

What no blogs?

Oh my, we will have to do some for you, we’ll add that to the quote, we will add all the correct keywords to your home page and then you will be top of Google, that’s what you want isn’t it?!”

The salesman walks out with a decent order and a week or so later the customer is top of Google,  and a few more weeks after he starts to wonder why the orders are not pouring in and the life he was promised by the salesman has not happened yet. He starts to have a look at his site and sure enough he has blogs, and lots of new content and he can see his keywords for what he does in business all across his website home page, all looks good, so what is wrong?

What is wrong is that the SEO guy knows very little about his business and has churned up a load of what we call crap content (yes that’s the technical term) to trick Google to believing that the website is informative and will give the website visitor a ‘good experience.’  Google is still just a primitive robot it does what it’s told!

When it sees the keywords  it registers to an algorithm and ranks your site, it can’t really read any passion, or excitement and it can’t really tell if the site is giving good tips or is a good read that will endear the writer to the reader or not.

Give Google a comic version of Moby Dick and the proper book and I think it will rank the comic above the book, cos it has nice pictures of Whales! See where I am going here?!

The future.

Perhaps 20 years from now Google robots will have developed an artificial Intelligence to recognise passion and information that comes from the heart over pure keywords and a few synonyms, and you will always be sent to the very best site based on genuine reviews and what it could recognises as good new interesting content. But this is surely the very nature of humankind and what makes us special, so I am not sure whether they will ever get this right, a bit like Microwaved pizzas!

When I running my online marketing workshops in Bangkok I do about an hour on SEO, we stick a simple plug in and get some ticks to say our blog has the met- description and the title and focus keyword etc.  I do not linger on SEO because I want my client to understand the crux of Internet marketing which is to:

Stop courting a search engine it has no money and will never buy from you, and write for people!

In life too many people are in a mess because they are not pointing themselves at the right place, as humans we have to train our subconscious in what we want and the feeling we get when we get what it is we really desire on a basic level. When we are pointed at the right emotion our very subconscious works tirelessly to put ourselves in the places and to do the things we should do, to get us to be where we want to be!

Too many people think they need money, money is the conduit to get us most of the material things we desire, so by concentrating on what we really want we end up where we want to be,  if that takes money then that will come as it will be part of the things we need, to get what we want.

Google is a stepping stone to get more traffic, to get more conversions, to get more sales, to get more money, to make your wife happier, and to go on a holiday, or pay for the kid’s school or whatever it is you truly desire.

Think about an emotion and the material things appear!

So stop thinking Google and think about what makes you happy and guess what you will, probably end up top of Google in the process without even thinking about it!

Think about online success and you may find yourself contacting the top social media consultant in Thailand!

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