How will I know when Social Media is working?

How will I know when Social Media is working?

Asians like metrics

This explains the popularity of enterprise software. The big boss can sit upstairs and know, through his dashboards on his P.C., how many items Somchai has produced this quarter, how the machine operated, how many breakdowns, and ultimately how he can make major decisions about his business from a top down view.

Netmedia Thailand |the karma of knowledge sharing

Netmedia Thailand |the karma of knowledge sharing

Social media marketing is a vital part of marketing and we must all learn and get used to it, but what about the boss who is used to his graphics upstairs, how can he understand through cool pie charts how many Facebook people have liked his page, and how does that help him make astute financial decisions?

It doesn’t! I don’t think there will be the day when a team of geeks can incorporate all social media into one cool metric dashboard system for the CEO’s to rely on. Because social media marketing is 90% branding and it’s a pro-active business.

After my Online marketing consultancy meetings with clients, business people more often are shocked by the delayed ‘return on investment.’

I am sure it was the East Asians who came up with this; ‘ROI’ terminology, as they seem to expect guarantees from every little thing they purchase, perhaps it is something to do with their love of Insurance, who knows?

There is a massive return on Investment from Social Media, but it is very much pipe line business, it’s branding and try as many might, branding falls under the heading of karmic value. I would love to see ‘Karma’ displayed on a graph!

‘Understanding things is knowledge, giving knowledge away is wisdom’

Ask the richest people what they understand about giving, it is a word etched hard in their vocabulary, they understand that to give away knowledge is the foundation of true success.

Netmedia Thailand| delayed gratification

Netmedia Thailand| Delayed gratification

Social media is tried by almost everyone, and too many give up, after say six months, and they tell themselves;

‘Oh that’s a fad it doesn’t work!’

Like I told myself 30 years ago Karate is rubbish, after I was floored by a twelve year old on my first lesson, never been back since! Was it me, or Karate the esteemed and ancient martial art that was to blame for me not becoming the next Jackie Chan movie star?

Take my blogs for example, I have written over one million words in blog articles over 8 years, giving away all I know, telling people what I have learned doing online marketing full time for 8 years.

I have had two girlfriends leave due to the lack of regular money over the first 5 years, and my reluctance to ever give up and go and get a ‘proper job’, like society installed into me.

Now however, I receive around 5-8 fresh new leads each week now for my efforts.

I understood the basics of delayed gratification and never giving up, wait and work now, and later you can bask in the sun by the sea, whilst everyone else is still carting heavy buckets of water around into their old age!

I do not cold call anyone; I do not send out spam, I am always on the stronger position of having leads come to me through emails and phone calls.

I learned as a sales person in UK over ten years that, cold calling and then visiting people and trying to manipulate them to buying something through the old fashioned way of; leading a prospect down this no escape verbal intercourse of always be closing, is just not working anymore, times have changed, grow up and forget about it!

The new way is online marketing; nearly half the planets population can find out about your company ‘warts and all’ on Facebook and LinkedIn, and I would hazard a guess 99% of the world’s business population are using social media.

So somebody somewhere has reached the point where someone has told them at Networking, or on Facebook:

“Hey I have been following your company for a while and that blog you did was really insightful and the tips you gave where really helpful, any chance we can meet up I would like your advice about something?”

Or an email; asking to meet and when you meet them you ask;

May I ask how did you hear about me? And they reply:

“You were top of google for social media marketing company Bangkok”

Voila you have a brand!

The hours and hours of writing to the universe has suddenly paid off and the universe is rarely wrong in its timing, it always seems, when you are at the point of tears, your lowest ebb, and you are about to give up, when she throws you a life line to keep going!

The beautiful thing about social media is that it is just one example of where we as society must learn to go the distance, have a huge leap of faith and trust things even when we cannot see the raw analytics on a dashboard!

If you really must know, or you are a Marketing Director with a faceless CEO who simply must have a Pie chart then use Google Adwords : I have some clients who base their whole brand value on how many people are searching their exact company name on Google Adwords keyword checker. You may laugh but  how else do you value your brand?

These clients can see their company name searches going up and well, if that’s what it takes to get them blogging, sharing videos, tweeting, creating Vines, slide shares etc. etc.

Then whatever floats your boat!

For an initial conversation to see how we can help you get more clients through a dynamic content marketing strategy and social media:

Contact Netmedia.

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