As an Internet marketing company in Bangkok I feel I can speak for all business when I say; if you can find out what your people really want and evoke that emotion, then the world is your lobster, to use the vernacular. Here’s how I found out what my clients really wanted in 2013:

Why are so many people wary of any sales people selling Internet services? Because almost every promise since the Internet began, has fallen short of delivering anywhere near what it offered.

Historically back in the 90’s; the Internet began parading itself as a place where business can go to find ways to generate business for themselves, some companies got very rich of building websites for companies for, what we now know is extortionate prices, as business was swept up in this new dream of sacking all the sales team and just servicing these clients from all over the world who beg for your business through your website. Sadly that never happened and as my Grandfather used to say:

 ‘There are too many people in the gutter try to make a fast buck’

Soon after SEO people came along and said ‘You have to be top of Google, that’s how you make all this money,’ so money was thrown at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and sure enough many companies appeared top of search engines for their key phrase, delivering a lot more traffic to their website, yet, these businesses are still disillusioned, because the traffic is not converting to this massive revenue they expected.

Then in the last 5 years with the emergence of Social media which is still heralded by some to be the answer to all our online sales prayers, yet it is such a new science that even many of the sales people with a great spiel about how this will be the making of your business don’t really understand it because it really is the science of; Marketing, Sociology and Psychology all thrown in together, and who has time to go and get sabbatical degrees in all these subjects AND run a business? The poor old start-up business that threw a few ads up on Facebook and sat back to watch the money roll in is now probably moaning to the guy at the bus stop on the way back to his old job!

We started Business directories three years ago and we had dreams of a percentage of our members paying to be the top of their business category and paying a monthly fee, and us living a life of relative luxury on our great idea, yet our main competitors have large sales team that aggressively use telesales tactics to sell these upgrades, why? Because you can’t sell many website upgrades without a physical sales team. There has to be some emotion involved and people still sell to people whether your B2B or B2C.

The Internet is a career in itself and like anything there has to be a time spent learning and trying many things until you strike upon what works, and herein lies the entrepreneurial spirit, can you carry on another year with hardly any salary at all, until this idea suddenly sprouts wings and you can then earn a real salary, or do you give in and go back to the relative safety of a job and regular money?

Then it happened: in 2013 I asked myself an honest question would I use my own Thailand business directory, I thought; ‘yeah I’d log in now and again to see if I can find a business. Or like the majority of our visits that come in through another listing that was on Google, not too exciting’ I thought to myself.

Then I imagined; what about all the great blogs on the site? Now I thought ‘Well yeah, now and again I’d read a blog to see if I can get a few good pointers, I still would not rush home to read a blog!’ I would probably land on the site after seeing the headline for the blog on social media somewhere.

‘BUT:  What if there was a bunch of leads for my business would that float my boat?’ I though damn right, I would dash home to log in if I knew there was a chance I could find direct leads for my business that was affordable to me, on a website!’

Herein began the next and most exciting chapter of my business, by asking myself the honest question:

 What do businesses want?

They want more leads and revenue; let’s get to the heart of the matter here! ‘So give the people what they want’ I thought.

We now ask every directory member to tell us what they are looking for, and these sourcing leads are then posted to our buyers wall and they are categorised into business categories so for example; if you are an Accountant you would look in the finance category to see if anyone is looking for an accountant, if you are a Carpenter you look in Carpentry category to see if anyone is looking for a carpenter, if you see a number next to your category that’s a lead! You have a potential client, and what do we charge for this? $10, yes ten dollars for access to the category leads for one month, we even have an email alert system to contact you when a new lead arrives in that category in that month.

Now that rocks my world and I am sure it will rock yours!

 Have you sat back recently and really asked yourself; what do my clients really want? what’s the ‘end result?’ what’s the emotion they would get when you drill down what makes them tick and would they get that emotion from your product and service, would it excite them? Try to satisfy that hunger, and also ask yourself really honestly; would you buy your own product and use it? If you have said yes to ALL these questions with conviction and 100% honestly then I am sure you will get to where you want to be a lot quicker!

If you can’t really think of what your clients really want, then you had better ask them asap!

To see if you have any business leads waiting for you; just Google ‘Biz-find’ and find a directory for your country and click buyers.