Last time I checked; 5 million people each month searched the term ‘How to blog’ but if Google was human and had real insight it would auto suggest; ‘How to blog to get leads’ or ‘How many blogs do I have to do?’ or my personal favourite; ‘How long does it take?’

Over 90% of you will start doing social media and give up after maybe 5 blogs down the line and wonder what the hell all that effort was for.  

As an example; I trained 30 companies in the UK in 2012 how to blog, we spent a day building thier blog site with a great keyword domain, and their own hosting. We searched all the keywords and optimised all the top social media sites and left them with a system to set aside 2 hours once a week to write their blog, add it to their blog site, and then post to all the top social media avenues. Out of 30 businesses who paid $400 for the day how many, one year on, are still consistently blogging?

Well the figure directly mirrors life and how many people are really successful in life yes 1 company are still blogging each week and are now seeing the fruits of their labour.

Each week I search around to see what social media jobs are being asked for in Europe and the U.S. and I see Social Media managers are being sought in London for salaries of £25,000 p/a These guys will sit write blogs and press releases for their employer and grow their social media for them. So Blue chip companies are prepared to invest over £2000 + per month plus Insurances and overheads, on their Social Media branding, must mean it works then?

‘Fortune favours the brave’

 ‘The darkest hour is just before dawn’

Apt adages  for any business to remember, this is one of the reasons I love internet marketing,  it’s because now, with the search engines becoming ever smarter, and can now see a black hat attempt to manipulate a search engine to send traffic to a bimbo website (a site that looks fantastic but has no content), genuine people with a passion for their business are now getting to be seen at the top pages of Google, because they are branding themselves and the people behind the business. The hardest workers, who consistently try to give people a better experience, are finding the efforts rewarded and are being seen at the top on search engines.

It takes around 20-40 blogs and a great social media presence to get a lot of people sharing your content and when people share your content on social media this is called ‘making noise’ and Google can hear or see this. Never though the day would come where I say Google has two of the main human senses in a blog!

This is why seven years ago I started writing blogs and buying the best domains for social media marketing in Thailand, and for that time I have been writing almost every day to help people understand how to find the best free ways to be found online. Seven years of financial wilderness, and now I am holding sway online and receive around 2-5 leads a week for online marketing training, only one thing left to say here:

‘Patience is more important than courage’

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Alan Johnston Linkedin profile

Alan Johnston Linkedin profile