Over the last 6 months one thing I get from all my clients and just people asking questions about Facebook is this;

Why is no one responding to my Facebook posts?

My answer simple is; Shareholders

Does anyone remember seeing Mark Zuckerberg on the news ringing the bell on Wall Street to signal that shares were available in Facebook?

Well imagine, if you will; the Facebook boardroom not long after going public:

“Mark we have to stop giving away free stuff now, we have the people, over a billion, they are hardly going to move elsewhere now and they have billions of images already, they are just used to us so we can now slowly start taking away all the free stuff and introducing a paid option.

After all if someone posts a photo and they are just a simple user, well their friends and family will see it, but business get too much right now, so let’s reduce the amount of people that see business posts so we can then charge money for getting more people to see their news”

You may bemoan and yell; ‘skinflints!’, ‘misers!’ etc. Yet if it was your business, you may see it differently, after all its business that is imposing on Facebook so business can pay.

We at Netmedia still can get around 300-500 to see a post for free, but we use a different method, and one most won’t want to do, as it involves 5 of years hard work of growing your social media to a point where you have plenty of business pages and separate groups with a decent number of likes and followers. We have approximately 30,000 people on Facebook.

We also have 3,000 twitter followers 7,000 LinkedIn contacts and have accounts with Pinterest, Instagram, Flicker, Foursquare, Tumblr, Rebel mouse, stumble upon, Reddit, to name a few. We even have 7,000 Facebook friends and that’s another story!

Once we post a ‘well thought out article’ that is worthwhile to the reader, then we share to as many groups, pages, and accounts as appropriate, this drives the traffic in.

If you are a little late getting up out of the online marketing bed, and have missed the social media race, then you are going to have to pay to get the same amount of posts and engagement, to be fair to Facebook it’s not that bad, you can pay between $5-$100 for more showing of your posts to friends and friends of friends,  you can even target your posts to countries and age groups.

In my experience paying cash is a lot ‘cheaper’ than paying in time like we did!

For the last 5 years I have blogged and tried to help people understand social media, and have now quite a footprint on search engines, however through my entrepreneurial training which is always ongoing and never stops, I realised that it’s better to concentrate on the very end goal and emotion that is attached to what you want to make any dream come true faster.

That’s when we came up with the Biz-find leads system, I thought to myself; most business people go online and try to learn about the route to getting new customers, when I postulated; why does the internet not just give you the end goal? The potential clients, right now, who are waiting to buy what you sell.

3 years ago, when we created the first Biz-find online business directory, we really had some very simple ideas to monetise when we had enough members who have added their business to the directory, and like any business; we meandered so many times till we cut a fresh path straight to what we needed.

In 2015 we launched our 7th Directory and we have now over 3,500 listed members, 20,000 subscribers and 50,000 visitors each month with no paid marketing whatsoever. It was then we decided; why not ask our business members what they want to buy right now, and then sell these ‘wants’ to suppliers as B2B leads?

That’s what we did!

So whatever your business is now; you can go to BIZ-FIND and see a list of things our business members are buying, we have categorised the leads using the same categories as the directories so find your category, and read the descriptions of what people want, and if you think you can sell to them; upgrade for a month for just 1,000 THB and the direct name and phone number of the business asking will be available for you to contact.

When I was learning to be an entrepreneur I remember one seminar where we were taught to concentrate on the end goal and the rest will just happen, and that’s what we are doing now giving you the end goal.

So you can either; spend 5 years learning how to blog, how to get subscribers, to do awesome newsletters and follow ups and grow your social media likes and followers to around 30,000, or pay Facebook to show your posts to more people


You can pop along to biz-find and pick up a customer before your competitors do!

Finding clients online

B2B Business leads for sale

It’s the same goal of finding a new customer just the paths are different, some take years and others are instant!