The 5 top social bookmarking sites for social media marketing in Thailand

The 5 top social bookmarking sites for social media marketing in Thailand

My pupils at my social media marketing workshops in UK and Thailand are stumped at how easy it is to get your message out to hundreds of millions of people for free through social bookmarking sites.

During my classes; which are very hands on, we join the top sites because it’s so much quicker to show than tell, but as you are rather reading about me and this blog, I will endeavour to explain how it works.

Social bookmarking sites are simply links to blogs that you like, when you first join a bookmarking site you are led through a series of pages to click on all the things you are interested in, then once you have navigated and told the site what it is you want to see, you will then see your homepage. Then come the ‘Cool’ and ‘Wow’s and the sudden interest that my pupils show when they get to their homepage, 9 times out of ten they have already clicked on to a blog and looking at cars and fishing rods and shoes whatever, and I have to bring them straight back to the agenda of our course.

 My pupils then understand the magic of social media sharing, it’s the headline that pulled them in, and well they should find everything interesting on their home page because the social bookmarking sites have such a diverse range of topics, and unless you have lied about what you like, your home page is like a sweet shop to a 5 year old!

It is quite easy to get your blog advertised for free on these sites and put your work in front of such a massive, I mean hundreds of millions, audience in a few minutes. The hard part is getting registering on these sites, and knowing which ones to go on. Many of my pupils have told me that it would have taken them too long to do all this by themselves, and would not have bothered without me sat next to them showing them exactly where to click.

One major important aspect is you are going to have to learn to blog and write great sales free information rich blogs on a separate keyword rich domain blog site that lends a call to action link to your main corporate site, where you do actually sell stuff, and you are going to have to learn about what headlines work, as your blog will be sat on social book marking sites with many other blogs with the same topic, so you have to stand out with great powerful images, as they are displayed on the sites with your blog so they have to be as eye catching as your headline.

Here are my top social bookmarking sites, out of the 300 plus to choose from, that I use to get my blogs highly visible and on search engines and have at least 50 people click and read in the first hour of being published. (This is the process after RSS, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin)


Just look up where this behemoth of a website is on the chart of top visited websites, and you will be shocked and suddenly you will see the need to get your images on this site now. Quite simply Pinterest finds the images in your blog and puts them on their site with a link to your blog, (massive authority site link back equals a huge Google tick for your SEO ranking) It’s also so easy for other people to share your images especially if you have a share button on your blog site. The more shares by other people the more Google and other search engines like it.

Stumble upon

People love this site its topics go very deep so their home page is a smorgasbord of delights for your taste. When you share your blog to them you will see their method of how they get such deep interest matter, you will be asked for tags and an excerpt to your blog and choose from a long list of topics.

How to use Stumble upon with Netmedia Thailland

A mix of consistant hard work and the right sites!


Still a massive audience, and people share Reddit news every day,  yet their topics are lacking somewhat and it gets a little annoying now when they won’t let you post everyday with an annoying “You’ve sent too many links today try again in an hour”

More like three days come on Reddit!


Easiest of all just click the social book mark under your blog for Digg and then click their submit button, job done!

Rebel Mouse (check it out)

Really cool page generated by all your social media in one place. Just sign up and tell them all your other social media sites you use and they put it all on one page with your images like a weekly review of everything you have done. They are one of the only sites that email their database to come and see what you have done.

Now you may be tempted to save your money on attending a social media marketing course in Thailand by automating this process through some robot site, sure I understand you have a full time job and you are probably not that interested in doing Internet marketing in Bangkok anyway, or paying at least 20,000 baht a month for a social media marketing manager to do it for you.

 Any website wants you to visit in person, that is how they stay alive, one robot constantly visiting and posted the bare bones of your and hundreds of other peoples links, is not helping them one iota, not only that, the robot will always miss some tags or keywords you need to think about to target the site more effectively. Sooner rather than later, they will find a way to stop the robot.

 Like anything in life it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it and that’s what gets results.

To get on a web course in Bangkok and learn how to blog and share your knowledge to the Internet population which is called online branding contact Netmedia Thailand.

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