The truth is out there you can not ignore it anymore! The pioneers are the ones who take the leap of faith and then the rest of the watchers creep in later and say

‘Oh well it was lucky for the early adopters eh’

Social Media Marketing is finally here and your company must adopt an effective online marketing strategy as part of your overall marketing system.

We at Netmediauk Limited started learning how to make websites back in 2005 by painting a web designers house to learn the skill. Fast forward to today, we have 25,000 followers and likes on Facebook, 3,000 followers on Twitter,  5,000+ on LinkedIn etc.

When we post an article people read it. Not because we have enough people to throw trash at. it’s because we understand the difference between branding and advertising, and provide fun and useful information that people will read without selling to them.

This is the way to endear yourself and become the expert that people should want to look up to after all:

“No one cares what you know until they know you care”

Netmediauk can help you build a separate blog site where you can indulge your creative juices and write fantastic content for you clients and potential clients.

It will take around 6-8 weeks after teaching you and helping you build a fantastic Word Press blog with a great domain you own and getting you on all the top social media websites to be seen on Google and other search engines.

You can throw thousands of dollars at Google Adwords and send thousands to your site but they could all just leave quickly, so you must learn what is good content and how the average visitor looks around a website to be effective.

SEO now makes up around 30% of the overall effectiveness of your search engine rank and social media which is like a vote for your site for each time someone likes your article. press release or blog, and is 70% more effective than basic SEO.

So you are going to need a Facebook business page Google Plus account, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and book marking sites etc.

Update 2018

As Organic  Edge rank has fallen off a cliff in 2017 you will have to have some kind of budget to get your posts seen now.

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