I receive around 5 emails a week from business around the world inquiring how to expand their brand in the South East Asia region, and 4 out of 5 don’t like my answer, because it was not what they were expecting.

The majority seem totally perplexed when I don’t mention a totally automated system that pumps out robotic spun blogs and shares them on the top social media platforms to get maximum exposure quickly and more so; a system to show all the echelons all the way up the line exactly how their money is spent with really cool dashboards for the top brass.

Social media dashboard

Social media dashboard

I could of taken all their money, found an app for them to spin their blogs by scraping content off S.E.R.P.S from someone on fiver.com and then just spent the rest of their money on P.P.C. and Facebook ads, then all the clients cash can be accounted for on an E.R.P. system, and then; who cares if they actually sell more of whatever they create!

Hardly a recipe for long term success for any business is it really!?

The one business who I end up doing business with is; the one that hasn’t made excuses to get off Skype as quick as they can when I ask them what kind of content they are going to be putting out, which of the bosses is actually going to write it, and how regularly they will write.

This is a person that understands people, the very people who have the buying decision and are the life blood of their business.

Everything starts with Content period!

All social media and social media in Thailand has one role: to get targeted people to come to your website and develop your brand and trust for sales and longevity.

It takes a while for me to explain how sites like Blogger, which are so easy to set up, because you don’t have to think about buying the best domain and create a web blog, makes fortunes of your hard work if you write on their site and not your own personally hosted website.

You will need to understand your customer and target market to write a piece that will appeal to them, content they will get benefit from, and for them to get to know you as a person who cares about them.

Social media has brought the owners of business right to the front of the shop and your potential client want to know why they should trust you, and why you do what you do. Every sale is done from a basis of trust.

Netmedia Brand Engagement

Netmedia Brand Engagement

The rest of the strategy is simply getting more people to see what you wrote through growth of online followers and contacts and paid reach.

Call to action

Of course we all pay bills in business and we have to carefully carry the baby to the cot and get a result for our work, so a call to action is a real skill to bring the buyer to make a decision that is their decision and not your sales persuasiveness as such.

Somewhere in the text you should walk them through where to buy this amazing thing that will enhance their life so.

The trick is; to get their target market to stop, scroll back up with their thumbs, and click something, actually read it and click the call to action.

That is of course; if your website is mobile friendly

The Thai social media challenge

English language: Thailand has a very proud tradition of being independent for many hundreds of years, as a British expat I often meet lovely Thai people who see the UK having a lot in common with Thailand, with being very old and proud countries, so to that end; many businesses have enough Thai people to go at, and the need for expansion to other countries is way down their list of priorities.

Well I feel they wish they could reach out online to the rest of the world; but I think they feel the education required and company change needed to write endearing content and to talk to the Business English speaking community on Social Media, which is almost the 4 billion who use it now, is too much of an apex to climb. But then again a very successful business person once wrote:

“The time to expand business is when you are doing well”

However; I have met and trained some very experienced Social media Marketing executives in Thailand who can write very engaging English and to be honest they are not paid nearly enough. There should be more of them.

As Thailand’s leading social media marketer in English; I would like to tell the government this is one area they can excel in massively on a global scale by investing in their people and reaching out to an export market in Business English on the Internet.

Thais know about Social Media; one trip on public transport at rush hour will tell you that, you will see 90% of people engaged on smart phones on Social Media, they get it, over half the population know Facebook and around 30 million are active every day. Siam Paragon shopping centre, a mecca for selfies, is one of the places where Instagram sees the most photos uploaded.

The home market for social media in Thai language has truly been penetrated deeply, yet the international market has hardly been touched, which is a massive shame as some of the best textiles and commodities are manufactured in Thailand.

The traditional way business exported by trade shows and paying a lot for the Thai sales rep educated in Europe or the states to visit the West on business trips regularly are still important, but Thais are missing out on so much business by not being able to court the International English community on the Internet.

global social media community

global social media community

I mean why always fish in one lake when there is so much blue ocean business out there? It is not as hard as they feel it is when they only need to hire a fluent in English and educated Thai to write regular and consistent engaging content, in this day and age you only need a few people on your own Facebook account or your business page for great well written content to go viral.

My personal wish is that Thai people would stop being so insular and being shy to reach out to the International community on the Internet, there are actually many expats who would love to help Thai business and would be happily employed with a work permit to help the Thailand business community reach out to the Internet in English Language and just as happy to train their staff.

Netmedia Thailand has been at the forefront of social media marketing in Thailand, we been training business people online all over the world how to write engaging English content and how to find the right people online to engage. It’s about working smarter and not harder. We also own the fastest growing group for English Teaching Thailand. There is no doubt of our commitment to the land of smiles.