The growth of social media in Thailand and across Asia has finally made CEO’s and business owners sit up and take action, something I was screaming about in 2007 when it was just starting. You just have to look at how many people on the trains are glued to their smart phones and sharing with friends the companies they like, and brand names they recommend, to see the growth of this phenomenon.

I recently took a look back at my Facebook timeline to see when I had actually joined Facebook and it was in summer 2007.  I reached my 5,000 friend limit in 2010 and thus had to start a business page for myself as Alan , suffice to say I have over 1,000 friend requests that are never going to get added to my main profile unless Facebook let’s up on the 5,000 friend limit. Do I know them all? Don’t be silly of course not, but I have met many at networking events and most I have chatted to online.

The biggest question is how does it make money, how do you as a business monetize it? Well I see the rise of the digital marketing agency in Bangkok now, and these new companies seem to have appeared from no-where with a range of services to take away the pain for you.

Their sales technique is very good, create the pain;

“Oh it takes forever to create a targeted and meaningful profile and following on all the  social media sites and it takes months to create the right type of content, and back links, web directory listings, and blogging oh don’t get me started, you have a business to run, do you really want to do all this yourself?”

Then the solution:

“Give us all your passwords to all your social media accounts and we will ‘pretend’ to be you, write all your blogs, and get you appointments”

They build up the value and the WHAMMY the price tag

Is it just me, or does anyone else see a major dilemma here?

Everyone wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die

Social media is branding and branding is letting people know who the people are behind the company, to give you a reputation and trust, and establish a rapport between you and your likes and followers, who happen to be real people with Bank accounts and expendable income.

People by from people right?  Warren Buffet is such a normal down to Earth guy and he is ‘Berkshire Hathaway’, people think Investments they think Warren, do you think he gets his secretary to write articles for his investors, NO! Because they would know it’s not him!

I own the best domains for social media marketing in Bangkok and social media marketing in Thailand, I have the largest reach of any digital marketing company in Thailand (without buying in any fake likes) because I saw the opportunity before anyone else did. I use these websites and social media to grow my brand and:

I do not do social media marketing for anyone else!

Now, 7 years later, I receive around 3 fresh new leads a week, they just pop up on my Facebook chat box and say;

“Hi Alan just read your blogs I was wondering if I can get you a coffee and we can have a chat.”

I have not made a cold call for 5 years period! I do not believe and nor should you, that you can have someone or an Internet marketing company in Bangkok run your online presence and masquerade as  you!

I train you and your business to learn everything I know about Internet marketing and your online brand strategy, to develop your online reputation to be the best at what you do by writing articles, press releases, slide shares, and videos etc. to let the world know why you do what you do, and why you are the best, and very subtlety why people should choose you! I show you the secrets to grow and use social media to get that message in front of as many targeted people as possible. This is vital learning for life, and the skills my clients in UK and Thailand have gained, have saved them thousands on hiring an online marketing company  to do it for them, because they did not know how to until they met me.  Their staff have benefited too, from the training and staff morale this brought the business.

Most clients I meet for the first time are worried about the time element to do this and to do it right, and I always tell them that the key factor is this:

Consistency wins this digital marketing race, and the right message at the right time to the right people each week is the secret to working smarter and not harder.

You can develop an effective online brand for a couple of hours work each week and over a few months yourself then your endeavours will bear fruit and you start getting calls!

To be a business owner you must take ownership so develop yourself and your skills by learning all about social media marketing in Bangkok with Netmedia in Thailand