The reason why 5% of the world own 95% of all the money is because they do the one thing that the majority, the ‘common sense’ do not do which is to speculate beyond the month end!

“To be successful look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite”

I remember buying my first home in UK in 1994 it was a very modest 2 rooms up and 2 rooms down with an extension at the back where the bathroom was. It was fine when I was first married, yet as I was on a small salary then, I struggled every month with the mortgage, I was sometimes months behind, however my folks gave me the best advice they knew which was to keep open contact with the building society, which I did, and I was able to keep hold of that home and then later rent it out and use that money towards the next home. 2004 I sold both properties for a handsome profit.

During the years 1995-2000 I really felt the pain and many times I thought of just moving back in with my folks to release some spare cash into my pocket to at least go out for a meal or the cinema with the wife, yet I decided to stay and live on the faith that it is a good investment and Thank God the old adage; safe as houses, rang true when I sold and made my first fortune. If you look back at the last 100 years property goes through some very scary dips when it’s not worth buttons, at this time you need to be living in your property as a family and seeing the benefit as a roof over your head and as an emotional purchase rather than an investment, but if you look again at the 100 year chart, property has on average doubled every ten years!

So what does this have to do with social media marketing in Bangkok? Well one of the hardest things to do is show Key performance indications (KPI’s) and Return on Investments (ROI’s) in the short term for your social media strategy.

 In my Online marketing workshops in Bangkok I reiterate and repeat the fact that Social media is the long term, it’s branding of your company, and one of the reasons why I love doing it is; the best companies with the passion for longevity and the belief that a great service will bring them success do well with Digital marketing! Those of you in business for the short term should steer clear it won’t help you.

First off social media is about you personally and what you know, people buy from people not Search engine robots, and social media is a way to show people who you are, what you stand for and how what you know will help them, period! If you are not prepared to put your own real name to it forget it!

You must write about what you know consistently, and you must write a lot, it takes an average 30+ blogs and articles and sharing to over 5,000 people each time on your social media reach to get any recognition for your keywords online! How do you get 5,000 minimum followers and likes? That my friend is the right question!!

The answer is; Provide a great service that people will want to recommend, simple. Your Facebook business page should only be liked by people who know your company I have previously discussed how bribing and buying likes is as useful to you as a cheap umbrella on a fast motorbike! You must ask clients and people who have used your service to like you, but “Alan” you scream

“That will take forever!”

“Yes” I reply, it seems like that, but don’t get hung up on how many like you, concentrate on quality!

Many business mentors will also tell you when you start up business that you should have a database to start calling! Two major wrongs in this day and age and a great waste of time and money!

Cold calling is a waste of time as any great sales person will tell you, you lose the upper ground, you lose control and most of all you lose impetus! With Social Media I am now showing clients how I find 3-5 sales leads a week sat at home with a lap top using social media, my phone bill is less than $20 a month seriously!

Well what’s my database? You may ask, well, Facebook and LinkedIn provide a lot but it’s not as targeted as my Twitter accounts, I know through analytics that my Twitter accounts are driving around 3 of those leads directly through my process of:

 Blog>share to Facebook>this auto-sends to Twitter>Pinterest>LinkedIn and social book marking sites.

Twitter is the most targeted database you will ever have, but only if you know and understand the basis of work today get paid tomorrow, but like the property I bought and sold, it really is a front loaded process and as far as gathering Twitter followers, many will give up after six months, in fact in my experience, the vast majority give up after six months of searching and finding Twitter followers manually, to see how long it actually takes to see a ROI on twitter see my Twitter blog.

When people like my own family, (not you Mum) were telling me money is wrong,  filthy rich, and it’s morally irreprehensible to be wealthy, or my personal favourite “It’s alright for them!” This must hurt people who have got wealthy the hard way 80-100 hours a week in pursuit of the dream sacrificing what others won’t to get what they want or die trying!

We are far too much a ‘have now society’ if it doesn’t yield a harvest this time burn the field and sell it, yet every good farmer will tell you to wait, harvest that field each year, and maybe 3-5 harvests later, that particular field will be ready for the largest most profitable bumper crop you have ever seen!

You need at least 3,000 Targeted Twitter followers at the bare minimum to help in the process of finding leads for your business, anything less is well ‘left wanting’ sorry, and if you are the rest of society, the vast majority, you will not see the benefit right now in finding Twitter followers and in 2 years when your competitors have many thousands of followers and would not sell their twitter following for a very heavy Gold clock because of all the leads Twitter is responsible for, will you be there coming up with all sorts of Cognitive dissonance based reasoning proving to yourself why it was easy for them? And bemoaning:

“Oh it’s all right for them isn’t it?”

To grow your online presence and grow your Twitter account following contact Netmedia or don’t it’s entirely up to you, ……really!