Whereas in business we are taught to focus on one direction for consistency, your social media marketing strategy has so many different sciences to follow and master to be successful, and this is why an Internet marketing agency in Thailand must have a deeper understanding of what needs to be done, and have a finger in all the pies.

We teach our clients in our social media marketing workshops in Bangkok the different sites to be part of and master these include.




Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon

Video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion

Image sharing sites like Flicker, Pinterest, Instagram

Over two days it’s a lot to learn, yet we get them all done and we also learn the basics of domains, name servers and hosting and building a keyword rich domain website and blogging.

One such website that many overlook but is really vital is; Slideshare.net

We all do presentations, and even though the very best speakers will tell you not to use power point presentations many need one as a prompt and feel comfortable using them, if this is the case try to use more images than words.

Once you have presented to your people don’t just drop your Power point on your desktop and forget about it, create an account on Slideshare and upload your power point there. The site has links for your profile, website and social media, and is an authority site which provides link juice back to your site which Google sees and rewards you with higher ranking.

It also makes you appear more forward thinking if you tell your users they can find your presentation on slideshare instead of the old fashioned “I will email the presentation to anyone who asks for it.”

 Also as everyone has application based smart phones now, they could see the power point directly on their phones whilst you are presenting, great for people in big auditoriums who may be struggling with trying to see the presentation on your screen.

When people can see your presentation online they can also see your past presentations. The power points can also contain hyperlinks to any other websites you wish, not bad for free huh?

There’s more, slideshare power point presentations are picked up by Linkedin giving your summary some real oomph! And you can embed a power point very easily from slideshare directly into your website!

To get your business in Thailand up to scratch with the ever changing world of online branding, blogging and social media contact Netmediauk.