Sure everything starts with a blog, and you need a good Word Press blog as the focal point of your online marketing strategy. But without a strong social media presence you are really going to struggle with the other 150 million websites out there at present to make any noise on the search engines.

Why Word Press?

Well for starters it has the easiest to use admin panel I have ever seen, you do not need to be a programmer of any sort to make a beautiful looking website for your business for very little money, in fact it’s a lesser known secret now that you can get a word press website up in 15 minutes at a cost of around $15**

** $15 for a month’s hosting and around $5 for a domain

You can then look for Word Press themes and they range from free, up to a few hundred dollars. Installing a theme is as simple as downloading the zip file to your PC and then uploading it into templates in your site admin, even if you have loads of content it simply migrates to the new theme instantly.

wordpress training with Netmedia

wordpress training with Netmedia

 Word Press has thousands of free plug-ins which means you could get a shop installed on your site for free, forums, cookie warnings, captcha codes etc. and my favourite plug in of all; Yoast SEO this plug in is the best and highly recommended and all free!

Adding images and the SEO into images is a doddle now, and you can find amazing images on Istock photos to give your website that professional image and you won’t ever get caught out with image theft by downloading images of Google!

Getting your blog started is really easy but the real challenge comes after you have written and published your blog to get people to read it! I always point out in my online marketing workshops in Bangkok that you could even have an instant cure for cancer, yet without marketing it could take a while before anyone sits up and takes notice.

Along with your blog you should have a Facebook business page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn business page at the very least. To start to get Google search ranking you are going to need at least a few hundred followers, likes and contacts on all these social media websites. Twitter especially, as Hub Spot now tells us;

A thousand targeted FOLLOWERS drives on average 800 visits to the Twitter account owners  site each month of people who want to read your stuff!

That’s awesome branding right there, so never neglect your Twitter account.

You write your blog with passion and try to remember to be giving and full of information and tips, and not selling apart from a subtle call to action at the end of your blog where people can contact you, don’t forget to have at least one internal link in your blog.

 Then and this is the vital point, you must share your blog on your  Facebook business page this can only be done by copying the URL of the page and sharing it on your Facebook business page,  your Facebook business page is of course is linked to Twitter so Twitter picks up the link automatically. The next step is to share on LinkedIn and Word Press plug ins have a great plug in called social media counters add this  below and above your posts you will see a LinkedIn share button which will share your post on LinkedIn AND any LinkedIn groups you are in.

The next step is to share to social book marking sites and Image sharing sites, only when you have done this consistently enough will you have people on Search engines  know who you are, and what you do and how to contact you for more info.

For help with how to blog effectively and how to grow your social media reach so that you, like me, can start receiving 5-8 fresh new warm leads a month direct to your business  contact Netmediauk