Thailand Business Directory Marketing

During our days training we touch on the power of web directories.

The way Google sees it is this:

If you have bothered to list your business on Online directories you must be real and the more you add to the better. The search engines see the link back to you as link juice and a postive step up towards the top of their search engine pages.

There are a plethora of web directories out there, and you will come across the ones that ask for a reciprocal link, in other words they will only publish your information if you add a link to them in the code of your website, and most business owners are not tech savvy, so this is a waste of time.

Years ago you were nobody uless you had a Dmoz listing, now I have many sites top of Google without bothering with them.

Netmediauk and Netmediathailand have their own web directories  for business in those countries,and because we use the basic principles set out in our Internet marketing  training courses in other words we use the basis of good content marketing,  we are growing exponentially each day.

Our traffic for the UK site is near 40,000 per/month with an average stay time of over 3 mins and a 68% bounce rate which is incredible when you think it’s not porn or Justin Beiber it’s purely business listings and B2B Lead sourcing.

Our Thailand site has grown to 1400 Listings by December 2014 not bad in Two years considering they all added themselves!

Thailand Traffic near 15,000 and we are the Number one at the top on Google for Free business Directory Thailand and B2B Leads Thailand

If  you have a business and you want to list your company for free with no links required then be my guest, hey, we even tweet your arrival for free also!

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leading business directory in Bangkok


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