Video Marketing

Buy now you all know that Video is the most effective marketing channel you can have for your business. Netmedia Thailand has two Youtube channels, a Vimeo channel and a Daily Motion channel.

To be at the top of your game you simply must have a few videos on your website and sharing to all your social media reach.

Here’s the good news! They can start from as little as Zero!

Vine videos are some of the most shared and viral videos on the interenet with millions of views and I am on a mission to educate business how to tap into this incredible free resource.

Then there is the 5,000 THB stroryboard videos like this one:

Lastly we have a partnership with Thailand’s leading green screen studio at Worldwide IPTV and here we can create an awesome corporate video or even have your own news channel with a professional presenter that can broadcast your news weekly!

Contact Netmedia to visit you to show you how to create your video social media channels and how to use video to find you more business! and you can’t say you can not afford it now!