Hosting accounts

Take 100% control of your  hosting!

Some companies will try to sell you your very own dedicated server.

All a server is; is a place where your website is stored, essentially its like a compact disc where you can write and re-write on, and it sits in what looks like a big DVD player.

You will have to have a temperature controlled room and unless you are ‘tech savvy’, God forbid anything goes wrong, it can be a very expensive exersize.

Thankfully however we have come a long way, and people can succeed online with shared server space, in other words all my clients have ordered their hosting from one of the very large companies who have thousands of people’s websites sat on discs in servers in warehouses in Texas USA, with an identical warehouse down the road, with an exact copy of your website on it, in case the other burnt down or got attacked. These guys have the worlds most advanced online security also.

It’s simply the best deal for small business and SME’s.

Benfits are :

It’s less that $10 bucks a month charge for unlimited websites, emails, bandwith and 24/7 helpline for any issues.

We teach you how to use your hosting to set your domains to point at where you have built your website, how to see your sites statistics and how to set up a new email for your new websites.

The entire process, once you have learned what to do, means you can actually from scratch, buy a domain and build a  default landing page website in ten minutes with just 5 clicks whenever you want to!

By lunchtime your site is up and ready and we can start making everything look like your website

Next lesson is Blogging and Content marketing (the crux of being found online)



“We worked with Alan from Netmedia in order to create the entire social media platform as well as blog sites for our hotel on Sukhumvit. We arranged a few hours per week to train our Sales & Marketing team so that they know how to maintain the sites and continue to update them by themselves in the future. Alan makes sure that the team really understands what they are being taught in interactive training sessions and our team really enjoyed learning about social media. Alan remains always available to the team whenever they have any questions in applying what they learned which is great. I think our hotel really benefited from working with Alan and I would definitely recommend Netmedia to any company trying to grow its presence on the social media front”

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‎General Manager at Capri by Frasers, Frankfurt