Domain purchasing tips

Who owns what? a scary story:

Recently a client lost their website compeletly because their web designer (before I was their online guy I hasten to add) had sadly passed away but he was the only one who knew the password! The sites domain fell back into the domain hosting company, as my client could not pay for the upkeep as they could not get into the account, and somebody else bought it and built a website and now is demanding what he likes for the name

Domains for your business are what we call  ‘online real estate‘  in other words they become very valuable not just in monatary terms but for your branding also.

You should have a domain name for your company name, and it’s great if your company name says what you do like ‘Home and bargain’ but if it does not, don’t worry,  just buy the name and a few other domains as well that say what you do.

My company is netmediathailand, not bad, says what I do, but I also own all the best domains for digital marketing in Thailand and I have blogs built on all of them feeding traffic back to my corporate sales site.

We will sit next to you and help YOU buy these domains as an investment in your business.

Next lesson is hosting accounts


I attended a Netmedia Online marketing course run by Alan Johnston, and it was excellent value for money.

The day was exhausting and there was so much to learn, we started with SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) Which was an eye opening exercise for me, I learned how people search for my business and how they think, by seeing how many people use certain keywords. I now have a list of the top searched key phrases and keywords.

Alan showed me the steps to build a website and own the domains myself, so I can keep all the business where it should be in my ownership. We spent a couple of hours making the website look great with themes, then we learned how to add logos, favicons, pages , drop downs, images, videos, and we learned the basics of content marketing and then we looked at all the free plug ins.

Later on in the afternoon we set up all the best social media accounts and learned how to share our content with the internet community, I was really surprised how to get to so many for free through Alan’s social media marketing strategy.

Alan gave me a free follow up, here I was shown how to add advertisements that link to other websites and he also showed me for free how to set up a shop. I am a fashion designer in Thailand and I was also shown how to find leads through LinkedIn to sell my latest collections.

I would recommend Alan and Netmedia’s online marketing training wholeheartedly for anyone who is running a business and needs to understand the internet better! Duangkamol Bunyarittongchai