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How to manage a content marketing strategy

5 years ago when we started making websites it was the land of the black hat gang, all you had to do was write your content so a search engine could see the keywords by overly repeating the phrase and writing like a 5 year old would write, in fact some website owners just thought screw writing:

let’s just have the main keyword 500 times on the page!

Now thankfully Google and other search engines realised that this was not giving people, the very market the internet was made for, anything like a good experience, so along came a Panda; a Google algorithm that penalised for excessive use of a keyword and slated sites that bought in links from everywhere and anywhere.

Google mission is to send you to what you searched for and not return for at least 30 seconds and to do that they have to think:

Is this good content?

Will the person find what they where looking for?

Can you trust the website owners?

Therefore Google now prefers forum websites and Blog websites over traditional sales and corporate websites.

Google feels , as do I, that a forum or a blog is going to have more content to read and ‘find information’ than a corporate website.

Clues for Google to downgrade you are :

  • Slow loading sliders
  • Flash adverts
  • Adverts above the fold
  • Not updating the home page for some time
  • Too many links back from dodgy websites (websites that have nothing to do with your theme)
  • No contact details home page

So how can you make sure you are doing what Google wants, and you are seen high up on  page one for your keywords?: Well the standard things are:

Age of your website (Google will always give the benefit of the doubt to the older site on similar websites)

Keywords and tags that correspond to the content and not overused.

Good content

At our Thailand Internet marketing training workshops we teach you:

How to write with passion, and give away information altruistically to brand yourself effectively online.

You can not cheat Google anymore, and this is now the age of the writer and you must become an online ambassador for your people and give them good, well written constant content.

We will teach you how the headings can make such a huge difference to your readership

We will also show you how to add a ‘call to action’ to get people to click to your corporate website as a separate blog site that feeds traffic in is the whole point of  a good Internet marketing strategy.

By mid afternoon we will have a blog already written and added to your blog site with a call to action the second half of the afternoon is spent showing you how to get people to see your blog through , our next lesson:

Social media marketing

We would like to thank you for the two days training & workshop you delivered to our Digital Marketing and eCommerce team.

The team found your training informative and useful and have already implemented some of your ideas in their work.

Your training on social media was very good as well, and the blogging site that was set up in a few hours only is already attracting a growing No of visitors. Thanks once again.

Netmedia Compass training

Netmedia Compass training

Netmedia Compass training

Netmedia Compass training

Tejinder Sidhu

VP Sales and Marketing

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