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We teach companies to harness the internet to get more new business and conduct valuable online research into their products and services by:

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If you already have some great domains and hosting and a site it leaves more time for social media marketing learning |(We customise the day to suit you!)

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Alan is extremely knowledgeable and patient. For years I have been a hostage to website companies making great website that I could not edit and had to pay to get simple changes made or were difficult and cumbersome to edit. I always found the whole process frustrating, expensive and time consuming. Now, with Alan’s help, I am queen of my own website. I can edit quickly and easily, can change photos, add pages, design the layout and am using social media properly to advertise my site. Alan has demystified the whole website building process and has shown it to be what is really is: simple, quick and easy to do. Thank you Alan, I really enjoyed out time together.

Jane Gordon MD Life Choice