What is Search engine manipulation?

Manipulation is defined as: “To manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner: to manipulate people’s feelings.

Search engine manipulation is really what Search engine optimisation should be called. I would like to think that if I searched Google for the key phrase say;

‘How to make Vanilla Ice Cream’

I would find a site where some lovely old lady was giving me ingredients with a recipe and tips on how to make Vanilla Ice cream and a video or two to make me stay and learn, then I comment on her site to say thanks what a great helpful website. Later on, when I think Ice cream, I think of her; this is effective branding in an ice cream cone!

A; S.E.M. (Search Engine Manipulation) search on Google that takes me to an Ice cream store selling me Ice creams, which is not what I wanted, it is then I realise that the S.E.O. guy (probably Aziz Char Waller from India again) has added the key phrase all over the home page like:

‘Don’t be worrying how be making vanilla ice cream’ (sic)

‘This is being better than how to make vanilla ice cream’ (sic)

It is then I feel cheated and I hate that website, I want to have a S.E.M. shower to rid myself of the guilt and shame of having clicked!

Biz-find Manipulation

Biz-find Manipulation

I have recently begun to challenge NLP practitioners and the use of their skills in the sales and marketing arena, as in; if you have to manipulate people with shock derivation tactics and mirroring and imaging to get your rapport then you have a product or a service that is lacking and is not worth buying!

Adolph Hitler was a master in using powerful Vagna Opera type neuro-lingustic subliminal gestures to whoop his crowd into a frenzy of sycophantic followers loyal to the death for his cause, and we know how ethical that was!

When I am asked in my online marketing training workshops do I teach S.E.O.? I reply of course that it is still valuable after all a Google robot is just that, a robot and needs help to find you, but; but I continue to say I also teach your website visitors not to leave your site straight away also!

Basic S.E.O. is only half of the story, you need S.E.O. sure, but you also need a decent website full of good passionate content for the visitor to develop a rapport with you.

One aspect alone cannot be relied on to complete your digital marketing strategy.

S.E.O. alone can send many people to a website from a search, only for them to find you have nothing special to offer, no meat on the bones so to speak!

Content alone is as sad as the world’s most wonderful singing voice singing alone in the Sahara Desert where no one can hear!

Netmedia brand engagement

Netmedia brand engagement

You have to have a site that has good S.E.O. AND content that engages the visitor, so when they arrive they are captivated with interesting blogs full of tips and tricks. This is the process to develop your online rapport and endear yourself to your audience as the expert, and what do experts have?  

 Trust, a great brand, and lots of sales!

All this S.E.O. and Content must also be shared to a lot of people on social media to be successful in being seen on Google’s top pages and a low bounce rate, meaning most visitors stay longer than 30 seconds. It is essential that you as a business have managed to amass a decent social media reach through sharing and creating a knowledge database for your people to share and use whenever they come to you right? If not it will be quite difficult to get people to know about your business!

Netmedia Thailand will not do blogs for you, we can teach you how to write and connect with your audience and brand your business, and we can share your blogs that you write, (because you love your business and what you do, don’t you?) to our business directories with over 30,000 monthly B2B visitors  and our massive social media reach of around 45,000 which has taken us over 7 years to gather through sharing over 1800 blogs at around 3-5 a week over 20 different web sites we own and other websites.

We can get your message out immediately to thousands of targeted audiences on all social media sites, contact Netmedia to start being seen as the experts for your business on the Internet.