So you have built a website eh?

You are probably feeling proud of yourself, so you should, you now have a piece of online real estate and how valuable that piece of estate becomes is not about time like it is with real bricks and mortar houses, but about how much time you can put into it so make it popular and that is how you become successful online.

It’s really easy to build a website these days, I gave up selling web design a while back because it is now so easy to build your own. Buy a domain for $10 then a $10 hosting account watch a video how to make a word press website $20 later and Bobs you Mum’s brother,… your rich, OH Hang on a minute….

digital Marketing Bangkok

digital Marketing Bangkok

So many people are sold on tools.

A tool is one thing you need and you need to use it and use it well, and a lot to be successful.

I think  business tools like lead generation, telemarketing, web design, S.E.O. and databases should be sold with a health warning like cigarettes and alcohol:

Purchasing this product will not make you wealthy unless you are aware and are willing to put in the human time and effort needed to use the tools effectively.

What is the end result home gym equipment sellers, sell?


The one word I tell anyone who is in the health and beauty industry to use and use time and again, because to me woman want confidence, as this is the kingpin that they feel will get them all they desire, from love to career advancement, money, fame, wealth etc etc It’s all built on looking good and feeling good.

wondering why social media doesn't wor

wondering why social media doesn’t work?

But how many tread mills are now in spare rooms being used as a make shift clothes hanger? The vast majority I reckon.

How many diets have not worked because at the bottom in the small print on the bottle it  should say; you must go the gym and do some exercise for this to work?

Our homes have always been a refuge from what’s outside, an escape from the running and stressing of daily life, and then some very skilled salesman has managed to sell people on putting a ‘stress item’ in the middle of the lounge!!?

I don’t know about you, but when I am at 168 BPS on the machines at the gym the last thing I am doing is watching TV!

Gym equipment is just a tool, the real working is going on them. Somehow clever marketing has made people feel that by buying a treadmill your dreams will come true.

Similar to this:

Get a website and you can sell everything and fast

Get this database and clients will jump out of the paper and give you money

Buy this saw and all your trees will fall down!

Forking out cash is the easiest pat of any undertaking. Human time is the most costliest thing to ask anyone to give.

So back to your website, do you feel you are nearly there to take on the world? Well you haven’t even got off the starting blocks!

You will need a really good theme or template from about $30- $500 and plug ins of which there are thousands to choose from, it will take you a year or two to try many only to delete and try again till you find the plug ins you want, and they all have free and premium.

Then you need to learn about  search engine optiisation and learn about that and it changes every 3-6 month so you have to keep on top of the algorithms.

After that you need a few years to grow your social media reach organically with real people in groups and pages for targeted content.

This is when the real work begins the content itself, 2-3 blog post a week all shared to the top social media sites for a minimum of 3 months to even start to let people know what you do and why you are the best and why they should trust you.

Then after all this; you need to keep it up, like putting gas in a car if you stop work then your brand coasts along for a while then comes to an abrupt stop.

Now online press releases; you need to create your own press room and write P.R.’s to syndicate to get your back links, and you need around 1-2 a month.

All this to collect a list of subscribers so you can also find the time to email every week with your latest blogs and news about what you are up to.

Sorry to rain on your parade but with over a billion websites out there now, you are going to need corporate help or a massive budget whilst you learn and make many mistakes by yourself to develop and brand , trust and then sales, because sales only come in that order!

Netmedia digital marketing training

Netmedia digital marketing training

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