Some people just don’t get Content Marketing at all!

Some people just don’t get Content Marketing at all!

Some people just don’t get it at all!

Recently I received a spam email and it was one of those one in a million chances that the heading actually appealed to me:

Content Marketing proposal

Now those of you who are tuned into my blogging will know that I am a content marketing crusader, everything starts with a ‘C’ for me! I drag people who say they can’t write, can’t find the time to write, won’t write, and will bloody well dance on their own graves before they write, to actually see why they must engage with their audience online!

So this email; I opened it, and it was written by one of the more educated guys in India, meaning they didn’t start with:

Greetings of the day or:

Hello Sir /Madame

So on I read and I was intrigued, it took me three emails to see what sort of content they were offering and eventually I got some examples, and you know what? I am so glad I did, because it gave me some great content for my own blogs about:


if you want an example just for a laugh, email me!

Now I actually use their blogs, which by the way retail for around $15 a blog no less, in my own social media and content marketing seminars in Bangkok as it’s a lot easier to show someone; how not to do it, than to show them from scratch, kind of : not like this , like this if you see what I mean.

There is a thriving industry for the lazy! And If I was more mercenary I would sell to the lazy because there is no shortage of people in this world who would rather shell out cash than do the work, I am not talking about outsourcing say your top talent recruitment here, I am talking about letting go of your brand and letting someone who knows little about your uniqueness write for you, that’s like taking your eye of the ball and letting junior play by the fire whilst you have sneaky 40 winks!

Only 20% of all industry have a dynamic content marketing strategy and what do I mean when I say content marketing strategy? I mean someone who has taken the time to set up a blog for their business and at least once a week writes to the universe (That’s who it feels like you are writing to, till you get a lead directly from it) giving away all his experience and knowledge in personable blogs for people, you know bipeds? humans, the  evolutionary result of some Darwinism theory who got up from the pond starting walking and thousands of years later have a choice to see you as an expert through your blogs and contact you because they trust you, or dive straight back into the pond!

It’s about choice, the very thing that makes us human. A Google search robot has no choice! An engineer has programmed it to read and report; if you see this, do this, I.E. if you see the keywords in the code and on the page rate them on the search engine page, and guess what humans who programmed it can also trick the robot and get high on search engines by writing absolute drivel we humans could not stand to read, if we have an IQ over 50 points.

Here’s what most don’t understand at all about good content and a search engine like Google; I can show you some sites on third page Google who are earning a lot of money because they are sharing emotions with humans and converting humans because they understand people and sell something people need, they tell people why they need what they sell in great well written passionate articles.

 Show me a search engine robot that can recognise emotion and passion in a piece of writing, we are years away from that technology!

How can you tell you have written a passionate blog? It’s when you spell check it takes longer to check it than it took to write it, because when you are writing a piece you feel strongly about , you just got to get it out as fast as you can, so you don’t lose the feeling! Then when you look back you realise you are going to have to spend some time making your feelings readable!

That right there is the quintessential difference to buying a blog written by someone else and being the top of the search engines and having no turnover or direct sales from your online marketing whatsoever, or being way down on the first page or even second or third page of search engines and receiving genuine leads each week that actually generates business!

To develop your content marketing strategy to actually make some money for your business contact Netmedia.

We are online marketing consultants with passion!

If you ask me to write blogs for you, I am going to throw the book ‘The origin of species’ right at your head, and then the bible, for that’s a theory too now apparently!

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