Is it too late to start a website now and make money online?

That’s a bit like turning up at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Gym as a 100 pound teenager and saying:

“I want to be Mr Universe.”

Once the massive square jawed gym heads have picked their massive 200 pound frames off the floor and dried their tears, you walk in the gym and start reps with the cotton buds! Sure anything is possible but you are going to have to be a very special person and have such a strong desire that transcends the pain it will take to get there.

You will always meet ‘Mr Know it all’ who has a programme or a system to beat the penguins and Pandas algorithms and search engine knowledge and get your site up there on first page asap. Sure I don’t doubt it, you can even do it yourself if you have money to burn on pay per click (PPC) advertising at the top of Google.

But like so many businesses the challenge is not starting, it’s getting paid for the work you do. I always see such shocked faces when my pupils of my Internet marketing training course right here in Bangkok when they realise just what it takes to sell things on the internet and get paid online.

There are two types of clients I see; one, who sells a product direct, could be houses, could be T shirts, it could be moulded plastics whatever. Then there are those who sell a consultative sale; as in I want to sell a physical appointment with me. Either way the online marketing strategies of their businesses are more or less the same.

I received an enquiry a couple of days ago from a surfer who has a great idea to sell surfers T shirts online, I advised it’s not so much about the shirts it’s about the feeling when you wear the shirts, he needs to make people think of the freedom and oneness surfers feel when you wear the clothes. Gucci don’t just sell bags they sell prestige and the emotion of buying yourself a gift, think about it like this: a plastic bag does the same job! This gave him much food for thought I also said Starbucks don’t sell coffee they sell an experience, that’s the magic. So you need to give a lot of thought to what it is you are really selling, what’s the emotion?

For me as an example; when I train staff how to blog, the business owners feel that the training is going to benefit their business and they in turn will get more online enquiries and sell more which means…..fill in here what is their real personal dream!!

Again back to the shock factor and un-comfort zone of my clients when I show them ads on certain sites of mine that receive over 5,000 unique visitors a month: I show them a banner add from a high street well branded internationally trusted company on the site, and get them to guess what it earns, well they are usually gobsmacked at how little they make! I tell them it’s just pocket money so I can buy a decent meal for me and the missus every quarter of the commission!

Banner advertising and Google AdSense have really dropped of late, and people that did just about make a living online have gone back to jobs and other things to supplement their income. You need around a minimum of 100,000 unique visitors on a website each month to make a few hundred dollars and you will need to supplement with AdSense or Facebook promoting and consistently updated good content to stay relevant, a full time job indeed!

The vast majority of my Bangkok online workshop clients who learn all I know over a couple of  days are consultative sale clients, as in;  they want more enquiries to make appointments to see them. This can be achieved but again a certain amount of time and effort are needed.

In 2012 I taught 30 clients in the United Kingdom over two day workshops each, how to build a blog, how to write blogs, press releases and how to grow their social media. In my initial appointment I made it very clear that: Ok sure all your social media will be set up live and your separate blog site with all the best SEO plug ins is customised and published  live, but and it’s a big But:

 If you are not going to blog about your business on your blog, publish and share to all social media sites at least once a week  please don’t bother!

Setting it all up is only 10% of the work needed; you are going to need to blog and least once a week for six months to start getting good search engine ranking. All of these clients said:

“Yes Alan no problem let’s get started.”

 Now here is a lesson in common sense, common sense to me now means the majority, and:

 To be successful look at what the majority are doing and do the opposite.

 Q) How many of these 30 established UK businesses have blogged consistently since I taught them in 2012?

A) ONE! Yes One!!

Is it any wonder 5% of the world own 95% of all the wealth?

Regardless; many of my  Netmediauk clients saw massive improvement in their online standing, even though they have blogged so little.

It is still possible to sell directly online and make decent money, but you have to be different and create a unique brand and experience and emotion to be different. I, as an online marketing consultant in Bangkok sell appointments, and through my blogs I get 90% of all my appointments, through 5-8 fresh new leads a month.

Imagine if your business could convert 5-8 fresh new leads a month then contact netmediathailand for a digital marketing training course in Bangkok (see what I did there weaved the keywords in lol)