No-one wants boring blogs!

No-one wants boring blogs!

Everybody remembers the school teacher they liked, and the subject those educators taught more often became a favourite of everyone.

My teacher back in the early eighties, was a historian and lover of telling stories, accept his stories were true, about some of the most insane people who shaped our very lives in History. To this day his teachings were fascinating and influenced me greatly. I became a lover of all things past, and their affect upon today, my schoolteacher played a massive part in that for me.

The point is he was not boring, and he loved his job of getting adolescents interested in history and the effect his work has on the planet is immensely important.

How do you make your work interesting enough for social media?

We all want to go viral right, going viral is like hitting the jackpot, a massive launch into the stratosphere for your business for free. In this technological age that could mean instant success overnight.

So take the lead from Television adverts they all tell a story, they all have an emotional edge so humans will relate!

Business has crept over onto social Media and some have done it ever so well and others fail epically.

I see every day the small start-up who is excited by the possibilities of using social media, this free platform to launch themselves, so they set up a business page post an image of a product and sit back and wait for orders. Then three days later they check back to see if the image was posted, yes, ok, another few days later still no sales and they begin to feel cheated!

Where most go wrong is; there is no story!

We as humans thrive on stories, we love the relationship we have with narratives, and we all take different things from the stories, they all have significant meanings to us. One thing is for sure; we never forget stories, think how many nursery tales we can recite off by heart!

If you ever want to go Viral there has to be elements that touch the heart or your funny bone. This is what science calls the mental hook, the funnier or more emotional the feeling; the bigger the neural transmission is made, and the stronger the hook is made so you never forget.

Marketing experts have been asking what your hook is for years, successful marketing is deeply embedded within the science of the mind.

How do you make boring things funny?

Well you don’t is the definitive answer you skirt along the fringes and the peripherals.

For example Accountancy to me is right up there with Calculus, I don’t understand it, so it is dull to me! But a client of mine in UK needed to get content out that would be interesting, so we started a blog about her local kid’s soccer team.

She was the treasurer of the club and it only took one sentence within a consistent yet very funny blog about what the kids had done that week, how they lost 12 -0 and recovered to win the following week, how they dealt with competitive parents, the injuries, the tears etc. to showcase her skills in numerology!

To this day she has a deeply ingrained brand about how she is the treasurer of a sports club. Does it get her business? For sure it does, when people think audits and self-assessment the neurological hook says ‘football Mum treasurer woman’= accountant we can ask!

They go to her football site click the contact us and calls to actions and then they arrive at a very formal website for an accountant.

Yet they already feel they know her, therefore her blog has two massive advantages:

One it established rapport and two it brands her as an expert, making the next step really easy for a potential client to contact her.

This costs the accountant lady about 4 hours a week in time to write a post, a heartfelt post with a human story, to then share to her social media and bookmarking sites. The payback after her time investment of around 6 months before she starting getting comments, questions and contact has now paid her back many times over she tells me!

This is the difference between a no story, hit and hope-posted advert asking for business and being on the back foot with no control, thus being at the mercy of discounts and price wars, or having people come to you knowing you are the best in the industry already, price then is never an issue!

So there is no excuse anymore even if you sell coffins you can still write about wonderful people who have lived think about how well obituaries are written, and the subject is about dead people so:

What’s your excuse about why you have not started a blog about some aspect of your business?

It can even have the most tenuous link just as long as you are out there.

Here’s the good news:

Only about 20% of any industry will people take the time to learn how to create an interesting and fun content marketing strategy in a blog and then take the time to grow their social media reach, so there is a massive opportunity for you right now!

Contact Netmedia to get set up now.

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