The best way to get your business’s keywords be found higher on Search engines is by:

Content writing for people and not robots

Last time I looked a Google algorthym was just a piece of clever software and it did not have a bank account or any emotions which is the basis of all sales so how can it buy from you? Get a cheap blog from someone who knows nothing about your industry and see what happens, or write passionately about why you do what you do…and the magic happens!

Search engine optimisation for robots

Hey you still got to pander to the robot, and tell it what your stuffs about, just it’s still important but not as important as writing good stuff!

Social media marketing to send traffic to your blogs

The world is on Facebook, in case you haven’t noticed, and the world has a twitter account. it’s about how much noise you are making  out there, and Google can see the gossip!

Question is  are you still going to scoff at Noahs ark or are you going to get on board?

How to close the business you find through blogging

Nice as your blogs are giving helpful tips and information in an altruistic  ‘law of attraction style’, but if you are in business and you need to make money, then there is nothing wrong with asking for the order…

so add a call to action beneath each blog

How to mange and evaluate your Online marketing

You’ve got to know what your people are looking at on your website, and how long they are looking at it, what turns them off, and what turns them on , there are lots of tools out there to make your job easier.

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