Unless you have been under a rock for the last 5 years you will have heard time and time again how you can’t survive in business much longer without a dynamic social media marketing strategy, and Twitter is a massive part of this plan for the future, but how do you grow a big following and how long does it take?

Twitter is massive for your Google ranking and for sending traffic to your blog and if you don’t have a separate blog site for your business, and if you are not blogging useful and interesting content consistently, then go back to start and do not collect £200!

You need targeted followers on your Twitter account to make Twitter successful to your business. A targeted follower is someone who chose to follow you because they liked your profile and want information from you.

You gather targeted following by searching for the peripherals of your industry. Let me make this easy:

If you are a plumber for example, you should search on Twitter for the water board, utilities companies, plastic pipe manufacturers, home builders, home owners, people you are most likely to come across regularly and network in your daily working life. Then you review the people that Twitter threw up in each search and follow each Twitter account that you would be interested to hear from. Each search and a follow will take around 5 minutes so you can follow around 60 good profiles in an hour.

Those 60 people will each receive an email to say you have followed them, some of them will check you out by looking at your profile. Your profile should be given a lot of thought, it must say who you are and what you do, but must be compelling enough so people will want to follow you! Say 5 people follow you back, and then you will have 5 potential clients who want information from you, Priceless!

You must however, each week, go in and un-follow some people as Twitter wants you to keep your ratio of following to around 50% of your followers, so some profiles must e culled!

Ideally you want around 3,000 of these followers to start to see a decent return on Investment for your time on Twitter, because around 30 will follow a link to a blog on your website or a photo you have put on Pinterest and tweeted each time.  Recent figures show that 30 targeted followers who have been sent in from Twitter will lead to 5 appointments and two sales for each blog or image posting you do.

You may have already done the math;  5 targeted followers per hour divided by 3,000 followers is 600 hours’ work; 75 working days at 8 hours solid a day or, if you did an hour a day over a five day working week it will take you nearly 2 years to muster this kind of following. I haven’t even included the weekly un-following in my equation!

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