We hear a lot of people talking about databases, how do you get yours and are you putting it to the best use?

A database is a list of names of people who you have either met or they subscribed to your website and they are expecting information from you. Basically a good database is your business and it should be protected and backed up every day.

A list of names is not what I call a database, you can buy a list of names from many places online yet they are cold leads. A excel spreadsheet with emails and company positions, a bit like a yellow pages for telemarketing people.

You would expect around 0.4 % return of interest to get an appointment from a cold list email out, and less than 0.1 % if you are calling them direct, whereas a database should be giving you around 2 sales per 1000 contacts every week, or how often you contact them in one email shot, because they know you already.

Returns from email shots to your database grow with consistency, they say 7 is the magic number when it comes to direct sales, meaning you need to contact your potential client on average 7 times, and the encounters could be anyway, like meeting them at networking events, saying Hi on social media, they read your blog etc., for them to know you are in it for the long term, and have made an positive impact on them over time and they now trust you enough for the next base.

Biz-find trust

Biz-find trust

Most people grind out their lists through proven methods and it takes time like:

Home page double opt in subscribe form

The little widget on a website that says ‘subscribe here’, if you are not offering a useful e-book you spent months writing yourself , whitepaper, infographics, free T-shirt , trial , chocolate bar et al then you will struggle for subscribers.

‘Double opt in’ is the law, a pain in the neck if you are a marketer, but a Godsend if you are protective of your email box and are sick of deleting hundreds of emails before you get to the ones you want to read.

I personally think anyone who starts an email heading with “Re…….; and you have never written to them, should be hung drawn and quartered!

Double opt in means they give you their email on your website, usually on the widget box on your home page, or on a blog post at the bottom of the page, then they have to go to their email and click a link in the email they have been sent by your system, before you have permission to send them emails.

The Pop up

Even the extremely irritating “Please don’t go; we will sell you our souls” popups still work for most although in my experience not on blog posts, because the majority just want to read and get the information, leave the pop ups for your services pages.

Landing pages

Most email marketing services offer Landing pages you host and create yourself whereby you can ask a few more questions and make sure your new subscriber gets exactly what they want, so that you have more chance of them opening the email shot.

Direct Sales

If you are a start-up you may need a list to get going and even a combined 0.5 % between cold calls and emails is the best you have when you start so if you have say 10,000/0.5%= 50 appointments from your list which from an average sales rate of 1/3 from first appointments =15 sales.

To see if this is profitable you would need to work out your average order value and work out the cost of time contacting the list and then the sales team to close.

So much work so little time

Biz-find work ethic

Biz-find work ethic

There is a lot of learning to do to use email marketing and a list effectively, just buying a list and throwing it into one of the email marketing programmes like Get Response, Mailchimp or Awebber will probably get you thrown off as quick as you started, because they get sent spam reports and they get in big trouble if your emails are mostly spam, catch all emails, bounced,  and service type emails like; contact@ info@ admin@.

You have to clean your emails first if you bought a list to make sure you don’t fall foul of your email provider and the best one we found was Listwise simple, easy to use, and fast to clean up with good prices.

So you need to learn how to do it all, together with buying a list and offering good incentives, pay for list cleaning, pay for an email programme, send out consistent effective emails with compelling headings with click to great articles in your website to your database, prior to this you had better have a bare minimum of 20 good blogs on your site for them to click to with calls to action to your services pages. Then you need to analyze your emails; how many opens, how many clicks, how many bounced and find ways to improve.

There must be a quicker way?

A lot of work, takes months to get a decent database, but who-ever promised an easy ride was just trying to take your money.

If you need clients today and you are just totally rattled by what it takes to get a database going then try biz-find leads, we spent 4 years creating 8 soon to be 10 free business directories for the South East Asian region, US and UK and we market all our members across massive social media which took us 7 years to amass so we can then ask them what they are looking to buy and we give these to our members as lead referrals. Simple eh? For you yes, for us it’s been an opus, but it’s not about me

Biz-find leads solution

Biz-find leads solution

All you have to do is go to any biz-find site click classifieds> Leads, then scroll down to your business category and see if we have any buyers, if we do; subscribe to our sellers membership and instantly you get the phone number(s) and name of our buyer(s) and any others we get for you in the month for just 2000 THB!