How hard is it to get a job online?

With Global statistics for work looking more gloomier by the day, the concept we have all grown up with which is; To get a salaried job and get by,  is starting to feel like one big lie, and it seems a job isn’t enough to have any ‘kind of a life’ anymore so more.

A growing number of people are looking for ways to use the Internet to find a way to make a living. I mean the latest stats tell us:

2.28 Billion People are online in 2013 (I don’t know how many noughts that is sorry)

80% of these internet users read blogs

There are over 150 Million blogs online right now

57% of marketers have found new clients directly through blogging!

44% of bloggers acquired a client through Twitter!

Startling to think how many clients have been found online.

Back in 2005 (The last time I had a salaried job) I remember having to go to the office once a week for ‘Office day’ out of all the days of the week as a Capital Equipment salesman, this one I liked the least. It was an arduous work day which was 12 hours long if you include commute and breaks.  It was a full day of appointment making which involved calling competitor companies and non-users to see if you could glean an hour with a decision maker. We would all make around 50 calls each, and make around 10 appointments fresh from the calls, we would close around 1/3 sales from this and subsequent activity. Recent research suggests cold calling is much harder now though.

Now however after 7 years of being self-employed and battling to get my online voice heard to sell my own business services, I receive 3-5 fresh leads a week on email or direct through social media which over half result in appointments and sales, and heck I don’t even pay for the coffee on all these appointments anymore!

But before you can toddle off to the nearest PC store and spend your hard earned redundancy money on  computer hardware and software, set up your home office, sell the car and nasty Insurance payments that go with it, then just set up your blog and watch the money roll in as a freelancer, here are some hard facts:

150 MILLION BLOGS! Hmmm seems someone missed the boat back there somewhere in the mid 2000’s when we bloggers were getting laughed at by people who could actually pay the mortgage on their homes once in a while!

If you are in a reasonably competitive industry It takes around 30-50 blogs for Search engines to even start noticing what you are doing, and going full on at it and writing 50 blogs in a week and slapping them on your site isn’t going to help either, Search engines prefer consistent content written over a period of time and age of your site counts too, so two equal sites with equal amount of content Search engines will favour the older more established website.

Online marketing of your business is a science and there are now University degrees available in Digital marketing, so you are going to have to learn all about it to become successful. It’s not impossible though, and with hard work and a lot of patience, a very kind bank manager and an extremely understanding partner and family you can crack it.

You must however:

Learn all about Internet marketing and how to how to blog effectively

Grow your social media with the right targeted people

Be consistent and altruistic with all your work

Find your unique selling point and focus on that

Attend many network events to help brand your business 7 years on and I am still networking!

Eventually and as I said be patient, the first shoots of success will start to show and you can start earning money for yourself, I would make sure you have at least two years living money behind you or you will be flying on the seat of your pants each month like I did trying to make all the original mistakes.

Ok so that’s say 3-5 years out of your life, yet you gave 20 to the company you worked for, now you are redundant, mid 40-50 years old and what do you have to show for it?  Work for yourself, grow with the times and watch for economic and social changes and stay focused,

Make a business that you work for now, and then eventually the business will look after you!

In the end you will have control of your destiny, you will be moving towards your goal and not running away from a fire. The first step is to recognise ‘your goal’, ‘your want’ that one thought that makes you want to cry! You must ‘feel’ that experience that emotion regularly. This is the one thing I have learned after countless numbers of seminars and life coaching sessions I have attended. Ask any successful person what their goal is and they will go all mushy and emotional, and they will all have that one goal in life that pulls them towards success.

Five years ago I would have written this blog to hopefully mentor people towards success as a part time business whilst they have a job, yet now I feel I should advise people to get their own business because of the economy and it appears to be a pre-requisite to work for oneself now, just to be able to pay the bills!

Don’t ever be in a position where other people can make one decision that will determine your destiny! Or ever again once is enough right!?

To learn everything I have learnt to grow a successful social media strategy