Paralysis of analysis

There is a school of thought and a percentage of people out there that tell me they cannot start a website yet, because their business is not ready, everything has to be perfect for them to go live. Well in my experience as an Online marketing company in Bangkok then the time will never be right and you will never start.

Being a web designer in Bangkok with quite a few sites out there, is just like being a property developer, this is the way I try to explain what I do for a living to my elderly father. Every so often you have to go back and revamp, re-design, clear up code etc. and it seems to be a never ending cycle of when one sites done, another has gotten old and needs some loving content.

Now and again I sell a site and make much needed funds, or the content ranks me higher on Google and I sell an online marketing training course in UK or Bangkok.

The very best example of a company who does not wait till they are perfect to go live and actually makes scary amounts of money from admitting to mistakes and bugs and releasing new upgrades we all have to pay for is …wait for it ..Microsoft!

Yes the richest company in the world makes a lot of their revenue from cocking stuff up regularly, and we have actually come to expect this now, and we are all willing to accept the next upgrade, has it hurt their image, sure but in a good way!

I always say to my pupils on my online marketing training courses to get the site up even if it’s a landing page just to say you are building it because age matters with search engines, and you will see a distinct correlation of the ages of sites you are competing with for keywords, the ones who have been around the longest are usually above the younger ones.

Trying to break into a heavily populated keyword competition arena is like a minnow jumping into a shark infested sea and taking them all on at once! In that situation you are better tackling a less competitive keyword in your business arena.

Either way if you have no site up you can’t compete for anything!

Remember any publicity is good publicity, some of the most successful businesses I see are the ones who leave negative reviews on their website and social media, but they will most definitely answer any critics, negative reviews just add enormous weight to all the positive reviews, just be sure to be seen to answer your critics.

It’s the same with typos: with over 1,000 blogs I have written and published out there now, when I get the chance on another computer or browser I will have a look at all my sites and guaranteed I will find the odd typo, but the Samurai sword is free of my blood I will not berate myself too much, I will just look at where my websites are ranked and it’s nice when you see three of your sites all competing with each other for the top space on page ones on all SERPS (Search engine results pages) in some kind of selfish monopoly, mwa ha ha !

As I always say Google can’t spell well not very well yet. I have even sometimes bought a domain and was bouncing round the room with my scoop of the century only to learn later it’s spelt wrong, just ever so slightly, but at the end of the day few people see the ‘z’ at the end of one of my sites instead of the ‘s’ in has seen quite a few hitz over the years and I have had quite a bit of buziness of it (sic) lol

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