How you can use the new social graph to find new clients

Facebook will be implementing social graph soon, so you will need to get as many likes to your page as you can. The way it works is simple. For example; Myself, as a social media marketing agency in Thailand, I have over 1,000 likes on my business pages, so now if somebody used the new graph system and searched for:

‘My friends who like social media’

This will show a list of their friends who have liked social media companies. Therefore  I have over 1000 chances of being seen as the social media business page that the friends have liked…simple.

But before you rush out and start to glean likes for your Facebook business page, and are even tempted to buy in some fake likes, which are as much use as a chocolate teapot and drop off faster than frozen turkeys out of an aeroplane, you will need to consider what a Facebook business page like is worth.

Facebook page likes are a testimonial for your business, and you should think quality rather than quantity, I have seen a high street plumber with two staff with over 5,000 likes, which led me to think; ‘How can a small family business which only recently opened have 5,000 testimonials?’ I would have been more impressed with 20 likes, as that is a figure of how many clients they probably have right now, and they are all impressed enough to  like his business page. So do not get hung up on numbers! It is really difficult to grow your Facebook likes,  many give up not long after they have started, Linkedin also has followers too, just another thing to think about!”

Twitter on the other hand is a completely different animal, it should be used to amplify the posts you have already done, a cool blog you have just written, a Press release, a photo on Pinterest or rebel mouse, and if it’s compelling enough and you have followed the right people, it can be the most cost effective database you will ever have, a pool of potential clients. It’s a lot easier to find good targeted followers on Twitter than it is on Facebook.

I have over 3,000 targeted followers on my Twitter accounts so when I have finished a blog I post to my Facebook business page and that automatically posts to my Twitter accounts. I have checked consistently in my Analytics accounts and I know Twitter is sending around 25 people to read my posts each time I write anything. I have surmised from this information that Twitter has given me around $15,000 worth of business last year, not bad for a free account eh?

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