You are not alone. So many businesses are hoping it will be an elixir for all their sales and bottom line woes, when really it is merely a step, a vital step nonetheless, in your quest to brand your business more effectively.

 Yet everyone is trying to find the quick (ROI) Return on Investment for Social media and blogging. Sorry to be in your face, but there isn’t a fast tangible one!

 So many business people, especially start-ups, struggle to get their head around the branding principle, as in your business name must be synonymous with feelings like trust and reliability and consistency, to get to the stage where people feel they know you, there I go with that emotional word ‘feeling’ again

 Sales and selling anything is about emotion, nothing is sold without emotion, people buy from people they trust, always have done , always will do, no amount of emotionless blogging outsourced from India for $3 a blog, will ever make you wealthy!

 So much selling is done at the ‘Let’s surf the net’ stage, and this is where all those months of my Internet marketing clients doing there blogs altruistically, consistently, week after week, pays off, because the search engines love a good blog and a lot of blogs will have all the right keywords in the right places naturally, and guess what? The people (You know those who have bank accounts and buying power) actually ‘read’  these blogs because I have taught my clients to get passionate and write about what bugs them, what works for them, what doesn’t work, tips and tricks, and the readers relate to the writers because they are writing about experiences that matter, and sure enough they matter to the reader, we are all human after all and we are not so different.

 After reading a few related posts and then re visiting the blog later to read a bit more, the potential customer is then re-directed to your main selling site, and then guess what? The customer expects to be sold to, they then see your products, they know the price and call you, why? Because they want to know more and they ‘feel’ they trust you.

 How powerful is that?

 The hard work on this client started months ago, when my clients started out on their blog site and then shared each of their blogs to all the main social media channels starting with their Facebook business page, then Twitter, Stumble upon, Pinterest, Digg, LinkedIn to name just a few, and they spent weeks growing their social media likes and followers with targeted people who would actually care about what is posted!

 Fortune favours the brave and those who work for it!

 In my experience training companies in social media marketing in Bangkok and UK most businesses will not be as consistent as you need to be to be successful at a social media strategy, and the reason why most fail is not because they don’t understand it, they just can’t commit to the time it takes and the work ethic involved in branding your business through social media.

The alternative to outsource is even worse: That’s like letting your 8 year old daughter run the sales conference for you, still confident you’ll get the deal?!

 Netmedia Thailand doesn’t do blogs for anyone else, how could we? But if you want to learn how to host and build your own blog and how to write consistent compelling articles filled with relatable feeling and emotion and shared to thousands on social media contact Netmedia.