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Netmedia Thailand testimonials

Netmedia Thailand testimonials

28 June 2015 Euro Asian Aviation  

30 May 2015 Understandingtrafficking.com


We would like to thank you for the two days training & workshop you delivered to our Digital Marketing and eCommerce team. The team found your training informative and useful and have already implemented some of your ideas in their work. Your training on social media was very good as well, and the blogging site that was set up in a few hours only is already attracting a growing No of visitors. Thanks once again.

Netmedia Compass training

Netmedia Compass training

Netmedia Compass training

Netmedia Compass training

Tejinder Sidhu VP Sales and Marketing Compass Hospitality Trendy Building Sukhumvit Soi 13 tejinder.s@compasshospitality.com www.sukhumvithotels.net

22/09/2014 “We worked with Alan from Netmedia in order to create the entire social media platform as well as blog sites for our hotel on Sukhumvit. We arranged a few hours per week to train our Sales & Marketing team so that they know how to maintain the sites and continue to update them by themselves in the future. Alan makes sure that the team really understands what they are being taught in interactive training sessions and our team really enjoyed learning about social media. Alan remains always available to the team whenever they have any questions in applying what they learned which is great. I think our hotel really benefited from working with Alan and I would definitely recommend Netmedia to any company trying to grow its presence on the social media front” Formely Phacahara suites Bangkok ‎General Manager at Capri by Frasers, Frankfurt
25/04/2014 I attended a Netmedia Online marketing course run by Alan Johnston, and it was excellent value for money. The day was exhausting and there was so much to learn, we started with SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) Which was an eye opening exercise for me, I learned how people search for my business and how they think, by seeing how many people use certain keywords. I now have a list of the top searched key phrases and keywords. Alan showed me the steps to build a website and own the domains myself, so I can keep all the business where it should be in my ownership. We spent a couple of hours making the website look great with themes, then we learned how to add logos, favicons, pages , drop downs, images, videos, and we learned the basics of content marketing and then we looked at all the free plug ins. Later on in the afternoon we set up all the best social media accounts and learned how to share our content with the internet community, I was really surprised how to get to so many for free through Alan’s social media marketing strategy. Alan gave me a free follow up, here I was shown how to add advertisements that link to other websites and he also showed me for free how to set up a shop. I am a fashion designer in Thailand and I was also shown how to find leads through LinkedIn to sell my latest collections. I would recommend Alan and Netmedia’s online marketing training wholeheartedly for anyone who is running a business and needs to understand the internet better!

dahn boutique | Netmedia Client

Dahn boutique

Duangkamol Bunyarittongchai www.dfashion.today

20/04/2014 “I met Alan on Linkedin after reading one of his blogs about Social Media sharing, and he explained very carefully about what he could teach me about Online marketing and what was then needed for me to do to be effective. I arranged for a few other colleagues to attend Alan’s workshop, (thus sharing the fee) and we really got our money’s worth, he helped 6 of us to set up our own Word Press websites complete with pages , images, videos, blogs, social media buttons, captcha codes and contact forms. He also showed us exactly how to research the top hit keywords for each industry, and added a cool plug in to our site to help Google and other search engines to find our site. He then showed us how to share our work to massive audiences through social media and book marking sites, and he also gave us many tips about how to blog to brand our business effectively and win potential clients over through our website. My business is for woman who want their own business in face spa treatments and cosmetic surgery procedures and in Alan’s subsequent visits he has really helped me to find ways to monetise my site and find new clients. I would recommend Alan’s Online marketing course to anyone who wants to have more of an understanding of how the Internet really works, and how to find targeted people and make your website work and convert people to clients.” Mae Vichii

Mae Model testimonial for Netmedia

Mae Model


Netmediathailand was commissioned by our group to create a simple website for Bangkok Business Umbrella Group. After meeting with Alan and listening to his thoughts and experience of content marketing and social media integration for an effective online marketing strategy we decided to see what he could do for us. We have now had the BBUG.ORG site ready for over a year, and we have since employed Netmedia for subsequent sessions to help us understand how to best utilise the billions of people tuned into social media to find us new clients. We must say that we now receive around 4 new leads a week from people looking for Angel Investment and from Investors themselves, Alan helps us promote consistantly through our Facebook pages and twitter. For what we have paid in regards to the return on Investment that our site and Social Media presence has given us, its a no brainer to us, and we invite you see what a massive positive difference Netmedia has made for our business. John Clarke Principal Invetment Manager Bangkok Business Umbrella Group www.bbug.org

23 December 2013 Of Net media Thailand. Alan is a cheerful, well communicative, and has an open and amiable style that easily warms you up and gets your attention at his informative presentations, briefings and tuitions. Basic website design skills and constron of framework for marketing and distributing your business around the web is well thought out to link into modern multimedia marketing, where your product will be appropriately linked, and distributed. This is a conscientious but efficient approach to web design and marketing, Alan wants the website to work smart, and not hard or by spamming, and mentors you around the construction process showing you evidence of how this is working, and full of interesting ways to improve your listing and prominence on the search engines. I believe he provides good value for money. He gets you started with a very good understanding in a short time of the way in which the internet web works, basic design, and optimisation so you have the knowledge to build on the web design yourself or with web designers without being ripped off. Richard Mc Gready www.euroaseanaviation.com
19 September 2013 Many thanks to Alan and socialmediamarketingthailand.com for all the help I received in building and designing my first website. What seemed like a daunting task was made to be (fairly) easy and painless and the support that has followed the launch has been great too. Thanks for your patience and clarity of explanation in helping a complete novice create a website. I look forward to sitting together again in your spacious office as you watch over me as I show you my next project. I have no problem recommending Alan as his knowledge of Social Media Marketing rather blew me away. Thanks Jamie Pinder www.nangrong.info
10 June 2013 Being from the generation that lived quite well without computers or mobile phones my knowledge of IT was at best sketchy. The idea of building and maintaining a website myself was something I was resigned to paying someone else to do for me. The I was introduced to Alan through a mutual friend and I booked him to put together a website for my company www.bangkoknannies.com. By the end of the first day the site was up and running and I had done it – with Alan sat alongside patiently explaining how to do it. I really have to say that on value-for-money alone Alan wins hands down. But he imparts his knowledge so patiently and tactfully too. I already have recommended his services to colleagues and will continue doing so, I also have another project that will be handed to Alan to establish an online presence.” Mark Hempstead. M.D. Bangkok Nannies 27/8 Soi NaiLert, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand Telephone: 02 655 5755
30/4/2013 I have known Alan for over 5 years, and I have always known him to be active on Social media, so we asked him if he could help us bring our business up to speed with the ever changing world of the Internet. We are a traditional law firm and we have been established for 15 years already but we believe we are also forward thinking and we always strive to learn all we can about the world of business. Alan’s training was over two days, and we learned so much about how to brand our business effectively online, we learned how Google sees us, and how to build a website for ourselves, how to blog, and write online press releases. Alan helped us set up all our social media sites live, he is a ‘do and not just tell’ kind of teacher. We now have our own blog website and we know how to share videos and slide shares and how to use Facebook to advertise our practice, we even have a Facebook group for pro bono advice. We will use your system you gave us to make the best of what we have learned. Thank you Alan you were patient and considerate and my staff gained so much even though English was not their first language, and best of all I could not believe how cost effective your training was.   Nakrit Sawatteanan ACIArb LL.B (Hons) LL.M (UCLA) Attorey at Law James and Partners Law Officers  Tel : 02 6169819 www.in-dispute.com
18/04/2013 “I had a dream in educational work, and research and to publish my publications on my own channel. My wife has practiced with Alan Johnston for self create and manage of websites. She was even not really good in this kind of working area, but you know Alan with his proficiency could assist her to make creating websites is not hard. Now she could manage and to teach me as well, but still whenever we face some difficulty we have Alan as a good friend to help us. Just want to tell you that having a good and trustworthy partner to your business is the most difficult to get in the real world, but NetMedia UK and Alan Johnston is the one that you would never forget him. PhD Yadolla Saeednia www.moderneducation.biz
15/04/2013 ” My name is Anchalee of Cherry Blossom natural handbags, you don’t know me because it probably doesn’t matter to you, but you need to read this and know this name : Alan Johnston.of Netmediauk I’m not too old, but I’m a bit traditional thinking. Working in the traditional way as the old ways of trade. What the online marketing and social media could give? That was the question in my thinking always, Do you think that there would have a real trade on the website if I have? No one could answer me. How facebook and twitter could give me a customer? It’s just for an enjoyment to share nice and happy pictures, isn’t it? How I could get the results of increasing in customers from having all those social medias? I opened my thought to experience all above questions, getting it all into my business but still nothing for me. I gave up thinking of online marketing and social media for a while and just leave it whatever it is. One day I met this guy – Alan Johnston from NetMedia UK – a founder of Online marketing training courses in UK and Thailand. A simple guy that did not give me sound of salesman, but what he made me discover are the below that you need to read. How you could own very successful website. How you could remote control your branding. Why social media and online marketing are vital. I’m sure now you would be interested to get to know Alan Johnston and NetMedia UK to discover a success for your business. Do not hesitate !? It’s not waste of money like ever, and he is here to make your business succeed.” Anchalee Sriwongsa

Cherry Blossom Handbags

Cherry Blossom Handbags


05/06/2012 I met Alan at a Blue Orchid mentoring meeting. Alan’s expertise as a social media optimisation expert was just what I was looking for. I have used Alan’s services and attended a one day seminar in which Alan instructed myself and two work associates how to use different social media sites inconjuction with my photography blog to help my google page ranking. Alan has helped streamline my SEO workflow by incorporating it into a few social media buttons! Not being able to afford an SEO expert to keep me ranking I am very impressed as the whole process adds a few minutes onto something I have to do already. It’s refreshing to meet an honest genuine businessman who isnt about making a fast buck but is trying to help people help themselves. I trusted the guy as soon as I met him and am very happy with the service I have received. David Walters Photography
02/03/2012 Alan is extremely knowledgeable and patient. For years I have been a hostage to website companies making great website that I could not edit and had to pay to get simple changes made or were difficult and cumbersome to edit. I always found the whole process frustrating, expensive and time consuming. Now, with Alan’s help, I am queen of my own website. I can edit quickly and easily, can change photos, add pages, design the layout and am using social media properly to advertise my site. Alan has demystified the whole website building process and has shown it to be what is really is: simple, quick and easy to do. Thank you Alan, I really enjoyed out time together. Jane Gordon MD Life Choice   www.cprforschools.co.uk
01/02/2012 Alan is relaxed without being casual and professional in his assertions without being assertive. He leaves you in no doubt that whilst he is in charge of your training, you are in control of your destiny. Alan tells you of the path upon which he sets you and the work that you need to put in. Whilst the course is intensive, it is informative and for those that are prepared to put in the effort, then Alan will give you all of the input, guidance and enthusiasm that anybody could ask for – and a little bit more. Alan is there with a solution, within reason, when you need him, but you still have him there to assist. Make no mistake – Alan’s training isn’t a quick fix that happens by tomorrow. So, like the dietary lunch that is still in the fridge, whilst you’re in the pub, then Alan’s ticket to Search Engine Optimisation won’t go anywhere, unless you write your blogs. Alan tells you this from the start and to my mind, this is to his credit. Howard Northover MD ES Walton www.thisisyourmoney.net
28/010/2011 “Netmediauk was commissioned to build a new site for my company russeldavidsonphotography.com and i am pleased to say it has made such a difference to my business I am really happy with the work that has been put into my site i feel it is very professional. I would have no issue recommending them to anyone” Russel Davidson   www.russeldavidsonphotograhy.com
13/06/2011 This was a two day course and I went from a starting point of being completely useless with social media to happily writing a blog and posting to facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. The beauty of the course was being guided through setting up my various accounts with expert guidance and tips. Absolutely invaluable and I am recommending it to everyone I meet. Clare Maass Accountants (22/11/2011) 07881901345
14/05/2011 Had a brilliant day with @netmediaonline today, Worth the time spent, learnt so much. Thanks Alan Kane Platt @Kane_Platt_IFA
03/04/2009 I ran into Alan. I hired him for some personal training on Facebook and a few other networking sites, and before I knew it, I was up and running. It was easy, simple and inexpensive. Now after 6 months, I have gained direct access to more than 4,500 new customers. I have increased my market penetration into a new market segment that is not accessible to me via the old traditional marketing approach.and its ALL new business at that! Rene G. Bourgeois CMA, MCR rene@gostudycanada.net
26/02/2011 Being a finance guy I have very little knowledge of IT. Luckily I have been in a position to use Alan’s expertise since meeting him in 2008, his guidance to my company has been invaluable and I still rely on his input to stay in touch with todays fast moving IT media arena” February 26, 2011 Alan Lane Director Expat money matters alanlane11@gmail.com

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