Investment Opportunity

Biz-find on Indiegogo

Biz-find on Indiegogo

Addendum to perk on Indiegogo

We have recently added an investment opportunity to Indiegogo the crowd funding website. And on their website I cannot mention the other perk which is; to offer each person who invests $15 or more real  shares in the business, so if our business grows as it has been doing, you will make money.

I am selling off 20% of my business to you guys so $50,000 is 20% divided by 3333 shares.

1 Share per $15 invested. (5% going to our charity as well!)

You still get the banner on whatever Biz-find site you want and in whatever category you want (providing banner space is  available, if not; an alternative will be offered).

Of course you must understand I am a start up and this money will go towards making Biz-find into a legit business either Hong Kong or Singapore and your share then will become an official share in Biz-find so as we grow as a company so will your share!

So right now I am asking you to trust me and wait till I get the right funds and then form the official Biz-find company. Until we form the official entity promisory notes will be given

Yes it’s a punt, you could lose your money, but then again it’s only $15, most spend more on the Lotto each month!

If you sat down in front of me now and understood our passion and what we have in our hands right now; you will feel what I feel;

That this will be a global brand in the next 3 years! then you may see your share exponating massively!

Nothing is stopping you asking me for more details through our contact form.

Please don’t invest more than you feel you can not afford to lose, there I am nothing but Honest!

I have spoken with many Angel Investors of late and I am loathed to share my business with the sharks and would feel so much happier making you Jo Public richer with me.

Go to my Indiegogo page here and claim your banner and share(s)