This website is part of the Netmediauk Limited content marketing strategy. We learned 7 years ago that Google and other search engines love content and this gave the right to hard working people who can sit for hours on end trying to write stuff that will be useful to people after all it’s the law of attraction to give and give.

We set up netmediathailand.com in 2009 and then went back to UK in 2011 to start up netmediauk Limited as an official entity.

During our time in Thailand we bought and built some of the best domains for online marketing in Thailand and bangkok, sites we own like:




Why? because we had the forsight to see what others could not back then. I always say if you are a plumber in France and you own Franceplumber.com that comes with some kudos. So safe to say we own the Thailand market for digital marketing as far as the domains are concerned!

We are independant entrepreneurs , bloggers who use the internet to drive traffic and create business online.

Netmediauk is an online marketing training company teaching web design, content management, and social media to people all over UK and  Thailand.

We also have a great youtube channel:

Here is how we helped a Gordon the Gorilla from the Amazon who was struggling with getting traffic to his site:

Our business Directories are now at the forefront of Google search engines: