What is the secret behind those who are getting direct lead conversion from their internet marketing strategy and those who are not? this is one of the most asked questions that my online marketing course in Bangkok pupils ask me, and I would say this;

Being personal and writing something from the heart that not only educates, but also engages on a one to one level, which in turn creates a bond between you and the reader, this is where passionate people, more than erudite educated people win, because people with passion will tend to write much better content than those educated to the highest degree with a half hearted approach.

content marketing flow chart

content marketing flow chart

Download the chart here: Internet marketing success flow chart

Writing and sharing a relevant message about your product or service at the right time  improves results and drives demand. By creating great content, you can create more sales leads, drive website traffic, promote brand, and educate customers and prospects. To ensure you get the most out of your content marketing efforts I have put together these seven tips:

1. Try not to promote your product, I know it’s hard and you are excited but  promotional materials will neither excite nor inspire, both critical elements in your content marketing strategy

2. It is relevant – generic materials that are not highly relevant to a reader will not result in increased success. When writing content you must make sure it will be useful to the reader, and that it inspires and creates an emotion, this is where having a niche blog or a targeted data list really come into play.

3. Become the expert and have the answer – content marketing should answer a business question or problem. An added benefit of this useful information is its ability to be used in lead nurturing through subtle name dropping and keyword SEO.

4. It is written well – poorly written blogs and articles may not only provide poor results, but may also hurt the company’s reputation. Take time to ensure content is presented in a thoughtful manner, spell check and spell check, ask a colleague or friend to read it over before you publish. Outsource blogs are the main culprit here, as they are written purely for search engines and results in people leaving your site as soon as they arrive.

5. It is relevant to your company – if the content you create does not support business objectives in any way, it is a waste of resources to produce. Keep business goals in mind when creating content.

Although saying that it is not a bad idea to create content that is pure raw emotion, yet has a tenuous link to your product, to make people remember you.

Here is an amazing short story full of emotion and it’s the video all of Thailand are talking about! and I believe it is the future of advertising, creating content on Youtube that people actually go to to watch and share with millions, at the end; an oh so clever , subtle call to action.

6. Images make sure your content has lots of images or video to appeal to the most laziest of people if you can’t find any fancy inforgraphics make sure to highlight the crux in each paragraph. My main bugbear as you can probably see, hey no ones perfect!

7 call to action- Vitally important you don’t write something so altruistic you forget about yourself. If you have given and given in your blog, it is perfectly acceptable to ask people if they want more information to clck a hyperlink at then end of your blog

Try to see your work as a really good teaser trailer.

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