In the fast paced environment of Digital Marketing what trends are we going to see increase this year and what is driving these factors?

Mobile advertising

Almost everyone in the developed world has access to an internet able phone and this is where advertisers are aiming at. In fact 2016 will see a record spending on mobile ads on responsive websites, so if your potential clients are having to scroll left and right to see your website on their phone they will get bored quickly and go elsewhere, and advertisers will not entertain you.

We call it one thumb advertising. Where people are holding on to rail or hand straps on public transport with one hand, whilst using the one thumb on the other hand to hold their phone and scroll up and down on their phone. This is where advertisers are targeting.

One such app has managed to come up with a game changing idea to offer a free messenger just like WhatsApp and Line, but  Wowapp pay their users when they use the free chat service via ad sharing revenue for ads displayed at the top of the chat page.

Wowapp is new and pays 8 levels deep so the people that join now and add as many friends as they can, will eventually get a MLM Millionaire sized residual payments for building a decent sized network.


Users of the app don’t even have to click the ads, as the advertisers are paying for eyeballs for their brand strategy as much as hoping for clicks.

Think website advertising is dying off? You could be forgiven for thinking website users hardly ever click banners ads, because it’s true, statistically you are more likely to see a full royal flush in your poker hand than click on a banner ad.

Basic banner ads are still used for brand building but just buying banner space and hoping for clicks is considered nigh on Insanity, so marketers had to get smarter and see a way around this.

Native ads

You may have clicked on a native ad without realizing it was a banner ad, because native ads are custom made ads that integrate seamlessly into your content to look part of your writing.

Marketers have to be careful to keep their integrity of their theme and get paid by advertisers at the same time. When using native ads they can go either way, be viewed negatively or positively, depends how seamlessly the content flows to the advert.

Did you spot the one in this blog post already?

Digital positions

Like it or loathe it you may be having lunch in the canteen next to a very well paid social media manager, who still has acne and a Paddington lunch box.

Business now recognizes the contribution of social media to a business and companies like L’Oréal created their positions many moons ago, and now the recruitment sites have so many jobs for Digital Marketing Directors and social media account managers.

Netmedia Digital Marketing

Netmedia Digital Marketing

What do Digital Marketing Managers do?

Well they would be creating a content marketing strategy on their main websites and using the big social media sites and book marking sites to drive traffic back to them.

They also manage subscription growth to their content and regular email marketing newsletters to promote this content which drives traffic to their websites.

They then would be appraised by how many new followers, contacts and people who have joined them on the big social media accounts and more importantly the amount of new traffic sent to their site directly by social media, the bounce rate and the conversion rate.

They are paid relatively well, as business owners now see their contribution as a positive one and will highlight their company as proactive and up to the minute. A Digital marketing team would usually report to a Marketing Director.

What does a Digital Marketing manger get paid in Thailand? (this could shock you!)

Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Many smaller businesses outsource social media to contractors, whilst this is a proactive approach business owners must be aware that if at the very heart of any social media strategy is content they then must be very aware of the content they are given, and that it is of the standard that the company expects before it gets to the Internet.

The very best kind of social media strategy that is outsourced is one where the business owner writes all the content and hands that over to social media contractors to promote. That way you can be assured of the brand message you want to convey.

Netmedia social media consultancy

Netmedia social media consultancy

A good example is go on and ask for content and offer $5 you will get content with no typos and is written OK, but the message will be written purely for search engines and a prospective client will spot crappy content  a mile away and bounce of your site faster than a baby hippo of a trampoline.

Lead ads

Facebook’s lead ads allow users to simply sign up for content including newsletters, contests and deals on mobile and desktop. Since the official launch of lead ads in the latter part of 2015, the new ad format has revolutionized lead generation and is now one of the most dynamic tools out there, mainly because Facebook skipped landing pages entirely. Instead, customers can ask to receive more content from a brand without having to leave Facebook.

Invest in yourself.

Whether you have a digital marketing team, you are outsourcing, or you are a start-up; you will need to keep abreast of the ever evolving world of social media.

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