5 things you should be doing regularly for your online strategy

5 things you should be doing regularly for your online strategy

We all know we cannot throw up a website and just leave it, and hope it will net us loads of new customers!

Building a website is like building a shop, once you have built the walls and roof and windows, you then have got to put stuff in it, good stuff, and then you have got to learn how to sell your products and brand your business name to the community, common business sense right?

Well someone once said if you want to be successful look at what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite.

Out of the 650 million+ websites out there right now, what makes your website so special that you are above all your competitors?

Here are the top 5 things we do to make sure we get seen on Search engines for our key phrases and not just our business name:


‘You can’t get to last base without wine and chocolates and a lot of wooing’

Blogging is brand building on steroids, if you are not blogging you are losing the online race period!

You have to build rapport before you can sell anything, so, on the internet you have to tell people first why they should pick you,  to show people what you know, your expertise and how your knowledge can help them, remember it’s all about them, not you, so you have got to be giving great tips and knowledge regularly to develop your brand.

How often and how long you blog as a ratio to when people start contacting you is directly in proportion to how competitive your key phrase is, for example; if you want to be top for;

‘Website design Bangkok’

You may have a year or so blogging and sharing before you get seen near the top, but don’t worry keep at it it’s your stamina versus your competition that matters here.


Construction companies Thailand

As a key phrase, not so bad, maybe a few months blogging.

No getting around it you have to have a content marketing strategy or your website will be doomed!

Banner Advertising

No good having a great product if no one has ever heard of you before and they don’t trust you.

The most misunderstood part of your Internet marketing strategy is banner ads. When they first appeared on the internet they were all about sending traffic back to wherever you wanted through clicks on the banner, that game is very much dying! You need around 100,000 views before you get a click now, as people see them as unwanted advert, and fear the hard sell and expense.

Yet banner ads still should be top of your concern, because it helps people register your business name in their grey matter, their subconscious minds, and they feel they trust you because they have seen your logo or heard your name before. This is brand recognition and it’s half your job done!

People say they don’t see banner ads but the subconscious mind does, that’s why we online people sell on impressions, as in how many times that banner has been opened in a web page, it is seen I assure you!

Umpteen experiments carried out with commuters on trains who said they could not remember any adverts on the station walls or the trains, yet they recited all the brand names under hypnosis. When they were not under any hypnosis they asked the commuters to look at company logos to see which one’s they trusted, and they were the ones they thought they’d ignored oddly enough!

Right now Biz –find have a fantastic offer on banner ads and you can add some karma to your CSR whilst you are at it.

Biz-fnd charity Child's Dream

Biz-fnd charity Child’s Dream

Slide Shares

Just as it says; sharing Power Point Presentations, we all are used to seeing presentations on power point and those of us old enough to  remember overhead projectors will recall how boring or exciting they were.

So slide share is a website so powerful to let us upload our power points direct to their website for people to see whenever they want, and their SEO is really good.

Search engines view them as educational and therefore a surfer will most likely stay a while and look at all the slides till the end.

They have a separate Key phrase section for how it will be seen so you can add exact key phrases to capture your market.

Another great thing is they will let you embed your power points into your website like this:


You only had to look what happened when Television took hold of the domestic market in the mid 50’s, and knocked the Radio off their prime spot as the world’s favourite media outlet. People prefer to be shown rather than use their imagination, which has authors and good school teachers drowning their sorrows at the state of the world.

Like it or lump it these little cartoons that explain a business with their ever so chirpy voice overs we all see on websites work, and they are not as expensive as you think, they start from around 5,000 THB.

Google bought YouTube a few years back and now You Tube is the world’s second largest search engine next to Google itself.

Google; ‘Vine Videos’ to see how to make a 6 second looping video that is shown in 6 seconds on Twitter, and then shared to You Tube. You will see they are some of the most watched videos online with millions of hits, because the clever old Vine people knew the ideal time for people’s attention span; is 6 seconds so they have made it big time.

Just download Vine on your phone attach your Twitter account and make a six second customer testimonial like this one for British Custom Tailors in Bangkok.

They uploaded 30 seconds after making it, Cost Zero!!!

Email capture

Quite frankly is you have no email capture you are not even a proper online entity. Your email list is your revenue if you are serious about making it online, or making any money for your business.

You should be already trying to capture all the people that visit your website and keeping them engaged, as they might not have understood, wanted, needed, or cared for your products and services when they first came, but; if you keep in touch, there will come a time when it is the right time and if you have kept regular contact they are your customer now, and for as long as you give them good service.

In speaking with the CEO of Get Response on the tour of Asia in 2014, who are a major player in the e-marketing world, he agreed that across the board; if you have 1,000 subscribers that will usually mean 1-2 sales a week, if you do weekly newsletters.

Now if you sell pens, you are going to need a lot of subscribers, however if you sell a house a week, it can be a different story altogether.

Biz-find article Get response

Biz-find article Get response

Capturing email contacts is a science and you must generally be prepared to give away a lot of either; time or products to get your names, reciprocation was always the first rule of persuasion.

Netmedia Thailand is the leading social media marketing company in Thailand according to Google, so we must be doing something right, contact Netmedia Thailand for help with your social media and content marketing strategy

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